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I love myself some monkey humor, so it's going to be tough to top yesterday's Bob Saget finds true love post. Still, I suspect that Daily TwitPic will excite at least one or two of you readers.

"Twilight" is pretty popular these days. The movies and the books. But have you ever wondered whose hands are holding the apple on the cover of that first book? Had you just assumed it was author Stephenie Meyer? I'm sure the identity of the hand model -- one Kimbra Hickey -- is known to a few of you out there, but "Twilight" actor Justin Chon got to hang with her recently and a photo was snagged of the event. Hit the jump to see for yourself. Read More...

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"Twilight" covers pretty much turned into the Sports Illustrated cover of hand-modeling gigs, but Kimbra Hickey snagged it, and actor Justin Chon earned my photo pic for the day with his candid TwitPic of her from the weekend. Chon, Peter Facinelli, and Christian Serratos all posted over the weekend, and Serratos contributed her own TwitPic, which you'll find below.

Moving on down the feed, Miley Cyrus appears to have had a good time and a Britney Spears concert, and the two performers exchanged Twitter gushes when it was all over. Ice-T, meanwhile, was not gushing in his criticism toward public reaction Saturday when Jenny Slate dropped the F-bomb on "Saturday Night Live." I'm @brianwarmoth, and you can check out all of those posts, along with more Rose McGowan fan artwork(!), Dane Cook with Andre Agassi and what Amanda Bynes wants in a boyfriend. It's all in the Twitter-Wood report for September 28, 2009. Read More...

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