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Much Ado

Before Joss Whedon ventured off to make "The Avengers," he got his friends together to film Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing." The first footage from the low-budget film debuted this past Sunday, and it looks extra Whedon-y.

Also, "Kill Bill" becomes one, and the Drapers pose for a family portrait in today's Dailies!


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The never-ending quest of James Franco doing awesome things continues, as this year's Oscar host has officially landed his next big assignment as the Wizard of Oz.

Franco has closed his deal to take on the starring role in "Oz the Great and Powerful," a move that reunites him with "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi. Deadline reports that Franco will shoot "Oz" this summer between the Noah Baumbach-directed "While We Were Young" and David Cromer's "Sweet Bird of Youth," based on the Tennessee Williams play.

There are more headlines to sift through today, so click those ruby slippers past the jump to read about the new censored version of "The King's Speech," "Prometheus" casting news and more!


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Sally Menke and Quentin TarantinoIt's a sad day in Hollywood, especially for Quentin Tarantino fans.

Sally Menke, a film editor known for working with the fan-favorite director on all of his movies, was found dead along a Los Angeles hiking trail on Tuesday, the L.A. Coroner's Office has confirmed to CNN.

Menke, 56, had gone hiking with a friend on Monday, when the thermometer hit a scalding 113 degrees, making it the hottest day on record for Los Angeles since the National Weather Service started keeping tabs 133 years ago. Read More...

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Boxing, wrestling and the UFC aren't the only sports where you'll find people kicking the ever-loving tar out of each other. In fact, even in a game as mild-mannered as baseball, players can come to blows. Look no further than last night's heated altercation between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cincinnati Reds during the first inning of their game, when Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips' venomous words towards the Cardinals escalated into a big — and stupid — seven minute brawl.

But fights have a tendency to escalate. What starts out as an intimate one-on-one display of dominance quickly evolves into an all-out brawl with several fists flying from all directions. Really, the Cards and Reds brawl could have escalated a whole lot worse — just check out some of these horribly escalated fictional fights for further proof! Read More...

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At Sunday's 82nd Annual Academy Awards show, one thing on a lot of people's minds was 3-D. The David v. Goliath showdown in the Best Picture category -- Kathryn Bigelow's tense, Iraq War-set soldiers story up against James Cameron's 'game-changing' 3-D sci-fi blockbuster "Avatar" -- was in many ways a contest of new technology versus tried-and-true methods of filmmaking. "Locker" emerged victorious, but 3-D is nonetheless on the rise, with multiple studios prepping or converting their upcoming features into 2-D/3-D releases.

MTV's Josh Horowitz was on the red carpet before that race was decided, and he put the question to "Inglourious Basterds" filmmaker Quentin Tarantino: would he be interested in doing a "ginormous" 3-D blockbuster, a la "Avatar"?

The director replied that he wouldn't do "a ginormous 3-D movie," but he's a fan of the format. "Actually, one of my favorite movies [of 2009] was 'My Bloody Valentine 3-D,'" he said. "That was a great 3-D movie." Read More...

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Quentin Tarantino did not direct his two-part revenge thriller "Kill Bill" as well as he would have liked. And according to a statement made during a "Directors on Directing" panel held in Santa Barbara yesterday, it wasn't until the Oscar-nominated filmmaker saw "Avatar" that he realized, or at least recalled, what was missing.

No, he doesn't wish he'd included giant blue-skinned CG characters or done the movie with a lot of blue-screen work. Nor would he have made "Kill Bill" in 3-D. Rather, after watching fellow Oscar-nominee James Cameron's sci-fi blockbuster, Tarantino was reminded of his intended goal. Read More...

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Quentin Tarantino's World War II fairy tale "Inglourious Basterds" may be among the year's top Academy Award nominees, but his fans are still dying to know what's next. And while that remains something of a mystery, there are some hints floating around on a project that Tarantino told us will come after what's next.

I'm speaking of course about the third "Kill Bill" movie, which will obviously have to be retitled since the titular murder is executed in the second film. Daryl Hannah is one of the series' antagonists, an assassin whom Uma Thurman's appears to take out in "Volume 2." Well she's currently out promoting her new movie, "A Closed Book," and she's spilled a little bit about Tarantino's plans. Read More...

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FROM MTV.COM: In all the talk about a third installment of Quentin Tarantino's martial-arts opus "Kill Bill," little attention has been paid — um, almost 6-year-old spoiler alert? — to one tiny fact: Bill does in fact get killed at the end of Volume 2. One would assume it'd be difficult, or at least require some nifty storytelling trickery, to title a film after a character that already has already been axed.

We posed just this question to Quentin Tarantino in a recent interview, because as far as we can tell, the writer/director has not addressed the title issue.

Continue reading Quentin Tarantino Says Third 'Kill Bill' Film Will Have Different Title

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Zoe BellAll of us here at MTV are excited for Ridley Scott's "Alien" prequel. The director hasn't had anything to do with the series since the 1979 original, which is a bonafide classic. To honor Scott and his lasting contribution to badass women in film, we've paired up the lovely duo of MTV contributor Jenni Miller and producer Sohyung Kang to produce a magical list of five leading ladies who could rock Ripley.

Although there aren't any hard and fast deets out there concerning Ridley Scott's prequel to "Alien," I've got my fingers crossed for a female badass to rival Sigourney Weaver's iconic Ripley. Since Weaver has stated publicly she doesn't think Ripley could be part of an "Alien" prequel, I have a few suggestions as to who could fulfill the role of cinema's favorite alien-killing, kitty-saving, space-feminist. Read More...

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Very sad news today about actor David Carradine. I'm not going to give you much of a preface for this video. It's from the "Kill Bill Vol. 2" press junket, and it features the actor discussing his love of film in all of its many forms. Just hit play and pour one out for Carradine... he will be missed.

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