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Whenever a sequel is about to hit theaters, there's always this rush to rewatch the original to get in the mood for the follow-up. It's the best way to remember where we left off with the characters and think about what we can expect when they come back.

That's the idea behind a YEAH!, a new movie streaming site that gives the option of checking out some special features about the film as you watch. You can do things vote in polls and see interviews with the people who made the movie, and then jump right back into the movie.

In the lead up to "Kick-Ass 2," you can now watch the original online, starting Wednesday, August 7, with special looks behind the scenes and appearances by Mark Millar and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Check out a preview of "Kick-Ass" on YEAH! above. "Kick-Ass 2" opens in theaters on August 16.

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The first trailer for "Kick-Ass 2" let us know that not only are our favorite heroes and villains from the first movie making their triumphant return for a follow-up, but we also learned that they're bringing friends. But every group of super villains needs a lair to hangout in and host epic showdowns with heroes. That's exactly what MTV News went to see when we headed to the London set of "Kick-Ass 2."

Josh Wigler sneaked into the headquarters of the villain formerly known as "Red mist" — and now known as something much more NSFW — to see how the final showdown would go down.

But the new movie won't be all butt kicking. MTV News spoke with some of the stars to see how things have changed since the first "Kick-Ass."


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"Kick-Ass" fans have waited nearly three years to travel back to the world of the titular hero and his foul-mouth, teenage partner Hit-Girl, and after the back and forth of "will they, won't they" questioning, MTV News has your exclusive NSFW first look at the sequel.

"Kick-Ass 2" picks up where the 2010 Matthew Vaughn movie left off. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is back as Kick-Ass, the normal guy hero that starts a revolution of masked vigilantes. Chloë Grace Moretz may not be as shockingly young as she was in the original, but she hasn't lost any of that Hit-Girl edge.

Joining them is Jim Carrey, who looks nearly unrecognizable as Colonel Stars and Stripes.

Check out the NSFW trailer for "Kick-Ass 2" above!

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Chloe Moretz hinted for months at a "Kick-Ass" sequel. Jane Goldman, who co-wrote the script with Matthew Vaughn, said the duo probably wouldn't pen the next script, but would oversee the project as producers. And now, Christopher Mintz-Plasse says he'd be on board! With all the rumors and waiting it feels like "Arrested Development" and "Anchorman 2" all over again, but it worked out splendidly for those projects!

The "Superbad" actor did say there's "no word yet," but wishing and hoping has worked for us in the past. I mean, "The Avengers" is happening, isn't it? Plus with all the hype Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises," "Thor 2," "Iron Man 3," and "Captain America 2," what better year to begin production on a second "Kick-Ass" film?

Also in April 23, 2012's Twitter-Wood, Simon Pegg tweets an exclusive behind-the-scenes photo from the set of "Star Trek 2," Tom Hiddleston geeks out over Kermit the Frog and the stars are loving "Game of Thrones" and "Think Like A Man."


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FROM SPLASH PAGE: Ever since "Kick-Ass" brought its fresh, violent, foul-language-laden take on the superhero movie to the big screen in April, everyone involved -- from director Matthew Vaughn to star Aaron Johnson to Mark Millar, the co-creator of the comic on which the film is based -- has talked up the sequel. Rumors have swirled that Millar was working on a script and that Vaughn had an eye to direct when he'd wrapped work on that other superhero flick he's spearheading, "X-Men: First Class." And IMDb has even gone so far as to list the movie, tentatively entitled "Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall," as "announced."

It is our sad duty to bring you the following news that certainly does not kick ass: Co-star Lyndsy Fonseca, who plays the titular hero's girlfriend, says that it could be quite some time before a sequel goes balls to he wall in theaters.

"It's going to be a while if it does happen," she told MTV News while promoting her TV series "Nikita" at New York Comic Con this weekend. "Everyone's kind of working on other things, and there needs to be more issues of the comic before there's material to do another movie. So wait and see." Read more...

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