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Zero Charisma

For a culture as prevalent as it is, nerds have never really gotten their due. It's usually all glasses and acne and high-waisted pants left over from "Family Matters" and "Revenge of the Nerds." In a lot of ways, pop culture hasn't updated its image of the ultra geeky in decades.

That's why "Zero Charisma" is such an important movie.

The new indie being released by Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Productions, their first, tells the story of Scott (Sam Eidson), an avid RPG gamemaster, who feels the mainstream world creeping in when a new, hipper player joins his game. It's a touching, often hilarious story that anyone who has ever felt like an outcast will be able to relate to.

With nerd culture moving toward the mainstream, we decided to ask the directors of "Zero Charisma," Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews, how they feel about the current state of the most popular geek staples.


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