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Shrek Forever After1. "Shrek Forever After" ($71.3 million)
2. "Iron Man 2" ($26.6 million)
3. "Robin Hood" ($18.7 million)
4. "Letters to Juliet" ($9.1 million)
5. "Just Wright" ($4.2 million)

It's game ogre for Tony Stark this weekend, as Marvel Studios' premiere superhero franchise finally surrendered the first place spot to DreamWorks Animation's "Shrek Forever After," the fourth installment in the fan-favorite fantasy franchise. Read More...

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Iron Man 21. "Iron Man 2" ($53 million)
2. "Robin Hood" ($37.1 million)
3. "Letters to Juliet" ($13.8 million)
4. "Just Wright" ($8.5 million)
5. "How To Train Your Dragon" ($5.1 million)

When it comes to battling a high tech superhero for box office supremacy, it would be wise to pack some heavier firepower than a quiver filled with arrows. Director Ridley Scott apparently didn't get that memo, as "Robin Hood" succumbed to the might of "Iron Man 2" at the weekend box office. Read More...

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Iron Man 21. "Iron Man 2" ($15 million)
2. "Robin Hood" ($13.1 million)
3. "Letters to Juliet" ($5 million)
4. "Just Wright" ($2.9 million)
5. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" ($1.5 million)

Although the effort was certainly admirable, it's simply a fact of life: arrows are not strong enough to penetrate Tony Stark's high tech armor. "Iron Man 2" once again soared to the top spot on Friday, beating "Robin Hood" with a solid $15 million intake in its eighth day at the box office. Read More...

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by Kara Warner

Enlisting actors to play professional athletes can be dicey business - no matter how many hours of professional coaching or training they log, they're athleticism is either believable, or laughable. In celebration of this week's sporty rom-com "Just Wright," and a pretty impressive turn by rapper/actor Common as a professional basketball player, here is a list of other thespians who pulled off their "cinemathletics." Read More...


Queen LatifahDisney may have given up on a physical therapist Cinderella, but Fox Searchlight didn't, and now Queen Latifah will be putting on the nurse's scrubs and hoping for romance in "Just Wright."

According to Variety, the modern day fairytale centers on a physical therapist who is assigned to help a star basketball player recover from an injury. Naturally, with all that close contact, she falls in love with him. Hey, they don't call it physical therapy for nothing. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Read More...

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