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Ok, so here's the deal: we can't explain it, but the presence of our reporters seems to cause celebrities to break out in spontaneous song. I know, crazy, right? Some chalk it up to the potent pheromones of staffers Larry Carroll and Shawn Adler, while others place the blame on the rockish vibes emitted by the history-laden MTV logo. Whatever the reason, watch below to see Ben Stiller, John Travolta, The Rock, John C. Reilly and more stars break into song during our interviews.

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jokerFrankenstein, Wonder Woman, the Joker, and Harry Potter…need we say more?

- It’s Alive! Guillermo del Toro says he “would kill to make” a “Miltonian tragedy” version of “Frankenstein.” (JoBlo)

- Reports indicate Teresa Palmer is a sure thing for Wonder Woman. (Moviehole)

- Joker’s pumpkin begins to rot and decay…on only one side of its face. (Why So Serious)

- I thought I was the gay one. Professor Lupin, David Thewlis, weighs in on Dumbledore’s sexuality. (City News)

- John Travolta joins Denzel Washington in Tony Scott’s “The Taking of Pelham 123” remake, about terrorists who hijack a NYC subway. (Variety)

- Count me out if Kate Beckinsale’s not running around in skin tight leather. “Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans” heading to the big screen. (Variety)

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Ever wonder what Danny Zuko would look like if he was 30 years older and a hundred pounds heavier? Well, thanks to a recent moment of transcendence that we captured on tape, you finally have your chance.

During an interview with John Travolta and his 18-year-old "Hairspray" co-star Nikki Blonsky, the veteran actor floored us with a few notes of "You're the One That I Want," the signature tune from his 1978 classic "Grease." It's a song -- and a movie -- that the star rarely indulges. But as you'll see, Blonsky was just as thrilled as us when Travolta broke out the tune. See the magic happen in the video below, and then read all about it after the jump.


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Seth GreenIt's just another Manic Monday in Hollywood, where news on "X-Files," "Ace Ventura," and "The Dark Knight" highlight our links of the day.

- Seth Green tapped to bring some "new tricks" to John Travolta/Robin Williams comedy "Old Dogs." (Hollywood Reporter)

- Alright-y then. "Ace Ventura 3” to go ahead without Jim Carrey. Promises to be as good as "Son of the Mask" and "Dumb and Dumberer." (Moviehole)

- I want to believe. "X-Files 2” to start filming in November? (Toronto Sun)

- You Minx! Nayo Wallace signed on to play Racer X's girlfriend in "Speed Racer." (Variety)

- "Dark Knight" teaser to premier at Comic-Con? (ComingSoon)

- Robert DeNiro to film "Chasing the Dragon," about the rise of Chinese Communism. (Variety)

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John TravoltaCan old dogs really learn new tricks? Well, according to legendary stars John Travolta and Robin Williams, they can. If you liked "Wild Hogs," chances are you'll want to take "Old Dogs" for a walk as well. The similarly-sounding flick, which begins filming soon, will reunite Travolta with "Hogs" director Walt Becker and team them with Williams to tell yet another story of an over-the-hill, uphill battle.

"I'm doing a film with the family," beamed Travolta. "I'm doing a film with Kelly [Preston], my wife, and my daughter Ella, for the first time."

"It's basically the idea that old dogs can learn new tricks," laughed Williams. "It's about two men in what they call the twilight or the golden years, older men. [My character] finds out that he has twins that he didn't know about [and] then the kids are suddenly told 'This is your dad, and you're going to stay with him for the weekend'." Read More...

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Another round of fresh links as The Bride eyes a rebirth, animated Autobots return, Ratner hits the Playboy Mansion and more.

- Tarantino gearing up for "Kill Bill 3” and "4”? (UPI via CHUD)

- "Transformers" gets a new cartoon series in January. (Hollywood Reporter).

- Brett Ratner snags biopic of "Playboy" founder Hugh Hefner. (Variety)

- Sandra Bullock to stalk Thomas Haden Church in "All About Steve." (Hollywood Reporter)

- Our colleagues at MTV Films are adapting teen thriller novel "The Lost Girls." (Hollywood Reporter)

- Matt Dillon leads summer camp in "Old Dogs" alongside Robin Williams and John Travolta. (Hollywood Reporter)

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The best celebrity-sighting spot of the entire night may have been the limo line out back of the Gibson Amphitheatre. Eva Mendes and John Krasinski stood by alongside Amanda Bynes, while civilians (a.k.a. VIPs and publicists) tried to find their rides home. As a wrangler barked out celebrity names through a bullhorn, Justin Long screamed back "Gerard Butler? Yeah, that's me!"; Kevin Smith kept smoking cigarettes; and in the middle of it all, a candid moment between Arielle Kebbel and Jon Voight turned into the bizarre photo opportunity of John Travolta, Voight and Tyrese together (pictured below). Krasinski walked past Long and teased, "Hey, it's that Mac guy!" while "Saw" villain Tobin Bell discovered a horrific scene of his own. "I'm seeing a huge line of cars," he reported sullenly into his cell phone. When all was said and done, the best idea belonged to people like Voight and Three 6 Mafia, who took golf-cart rides to vehicles they had cleverly stashed in the adjoining Universal Studios parking lots. ...

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