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The KillerFew filmmakers know their way around an action movie like John Woo, the mastermind director responsible for pictures like "Hard Boiled," "Red Cliff," "Hard Target" and the wonderfully-but-probably-not-intentionally-comical "Face/Off." But many directors would love to emulate Woo, what with his signature two-guns-and-some-doves style.

Director John H. Lee is going to get that chance, as the filmmaker has been tapped to helm a remake of Woo's classic action flick, "The Killer."

The 1989 Hong Kong classic starred Chow Yun-Fat as an unstoppably cool-blooded killing machine, and now, over twenty years later, Hollywood is going to do their best to remake the thing — in 3-D, no less! Read More...

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: Director John Woo has proven his eye for action with films like "Face/Off" and "The Killer," so when he dropped by Splash Page HQ to discuss his upcoming film "Red Cliff," we had to ask why he hasn't stepped behind the camera for an action-packed superhero movie yet. After clearing up his attachment to "Caliber," the Radical Comics series we spoke to creator Sam Sarkar about earlier this year, Woo offered up some thoughts on why superheroes aren't really his thing.

"It didn't work out because it's not good timing for me to take on the movie," said Woo, confirming he's no longer attached to an adaptation of the Arthurian saga set in the Wild West.

Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: John Woo Not Directing 'Caliber,' Has No Interest In Superhero Movies

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Lots of arrows flying in this clip, an exclusive from John Woo's "Red Cliff." Maybe not as many as there were in the 2002 Jet Li flick "Hero," but I would argue that they're used to better effect here. In this action-packed scene, our heroes storm a fortification under fire from flaming arrows and catapult projectiles. If you enjoy epic-scale warfare, you will enjoy this clip.

The best place to really absorb the scale of something like "Red Cliff" is in theaters, which you can do starting November 18. For those who absolutely can't wait, you can also check out the movie via Video OnDemand services, Amazon and Xbox Live starting today, October 22. So get on it.

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These are the days to be a nerd. No longer is the geek shunned. He is celebrated! Comic book movies like “The Dark Knight” are considered high art, fantasy like “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” rule the hearts of millions and the sci-fi goodness of J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” is the toast of 2009. Yes, it is a good time to be a, as they say in Latin, dorkus malorkus.

Hollywood hasn’t been very kind to one corner of the nerd world however. Video game adaptations do not have a history of quality, thanks to early ‘90s monstrosities like “Street Fighter” and “Super Mario Bros.” Then there's Uwe Boll, who has single-handedly made this sub-genre a wasteland of bad special effects, sub-porn-level dialogue and cruelty to great actors. What did Ben Kingsley do to deserve being in “Bloodrayne”? Read More...

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John WooHong Kong action auteur John Woo (“Hard Boiled”) will remain in China for his next film, a WWII epic about the 1st American Volunteer Group (aka The Flying Tigers), according to a report on /Film. You’ve no doubt seen the group’s iconic aircraft, known for having teeth painted on their noses. Maybe a few of you have even seen the 1942 John Wayne movie “Flying Tigers,” a then-contemporary fictionalized story of the now-legendary airmen.

Woo’s picture, currently titled “Flying Tiger Heroes,” will ostensibly present us with the real history of the Volunteer Group. The Flying Tigers consisted of Americans recruited to aid the Chinese Air Force against Japan prior to America's entrance into World War II. Of course, the $160 million action flick will also wow us with what the filmmaker promises to be “the most spectacular aerial battle scenes ever seen in Chinese cinema.” Read More...

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'Caliber'FROM SPLASH PAGE: Last year, Splash Page had a chance to catch up with Radical Comics president and publisher Barry Levine, who spoke at length about Radical's "Caliber" -- a retelling of the legend of King Arthur set in America's Wild West era -- and how he and "Caliber" scribe, Sam Sarkar, had hoped to convince director John Woo to helm the adaptation.

Since it's been all quiet on the "Caliber" front since then, we decided to check in with Sarkar to see if there's been any progress on the flick that, ever since Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil production company (where Sarkar serves as head of development) came onboard, looks to be on the fast track.

"I just finished the adaptation of the screenplay," Sarkar told MTV News. "Between now and the Cannes Film Festival we're setting it up."

For more on the big-screen adaptation of "Caliber," head over to

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