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"Game of Thrones" returns for its second season next Sunday (April 1), bringing a big mess of a war along with it. No fewer than five individuals have crowned themselves king in the great fantasy world of Westeros, each of them with their eye on the Iron Throne. All week long, we'll look at each of these would-be kings and catch you up on everything you need to know about them going into season two.

To kick things off, who better than the man boy currently ruling in King's Landing?


Know Your King
You know him well by now: the cruel boy king Joffrey Baratheon. (Though he has no real claim to that last name, as you also know.) He sits upon the Iron Throne and rules King's Landing with ruthless, reckless abandon. Despite being surrounded by very capable (and very shady) advisors, Joffrey subscribes to the great Eric Cartman's "whatever, I do what I want" philosophy; he is the king, after all, and if he wants heads to roll, roll they shall.


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