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A Christmas StorySo many classic Christmas movies have toys that everyone wants. That toy might not even be real, but that didn't stop us from dreaming that somehow Santa would bring us the gift that didn't actually exist. So as we open our presents on this Christmas morning, we've made a list of some of our favorite Christmas movie toys.

Turbo Man
The toy every young boy wanted gave Arnold Schwarzenegger one of the worst last-minute holiday shopping experiences of all time in "Jingle All the Way," but it was totally worth it. Turbo Man has everything that a great action figure should have, but most importantly, he has a jet pack. Being the good dad Arnie was (in this movie, at least), Arnold faced off with Sinbad and pulled out all the stops in order to bring the awesome action figure home.


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In what is perhaps the most bizarre news twist of the week, JetBlue flight attendant Stephen Slater left work yesterday in grand fashion. After being harassed by an unruly passenger, Slater got on the plane's public address system, spewed some profanity of his own and disembarked via the aircraft's emergency slide after reportedly grabbing some beer from the galley. Slater was of course arrested for his actions, but as anyone who has worked in a service position knows, this was a downright heroic move. Curious what could have compelled him to cross over from thinking about no long suffering fools to making the conscious choice to stop suffering fools, we took a look at Slater's in-flight movies playlist*. And based on his viewing habits... well... it's no wonder he did what most of us will only ever fantasize doing. Find the picks after the jump.

* - No, we didn't ACTUALLY see his in-flight movie playlist. This is all a joke. Read More...

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Today is Fat Tuesday, the last day of Mardi Gras -- French words which translate literally to "fat Tuesday" -- festivities, before Ash Wednesday arrives to usher in the period of the year known to Christians as Lent. The time between Ash Wednesday and Easter is a time to repent, but the entire lead-up to tomorrow's holiday is known in New Orleans as Mardi Gras.

Have you ever been to Mardi Gras? It's actually a little overrated; the streets are crammed with drunken lunatics and the much-publicized nudity is not all that people might hope it would be. Jazzfest is a much better time. However, there's one staple that can be counted on to amaze every year: the parades. Hollywood also has a long history of kickass parades and parade scenes. So while the revelry continues for one last surge in NOLA today, let's try to channel some of that bacchanalian spirit here on MTV Movies Blog with some fondly recalled fictional parades. Read More...

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