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When a television show receives the right mixture of passionate admiration from fans and mediocre to low ratings, things will almost never end well. For "Friday Night Lights," the five-year run finished about as well as it could. The story wrapped up nicely, and the fans got satisfying closure. Surely, the powers that be would reward the talented cast whenever they went onto their next project.

Kyle Chandler was always going to benefit from his time as Coach Taylor. How could he not? This year he has "Argo" and "Zero Dark Thirty," arguably two of the most anticipated movies of the fall. Next year, he's working with Scorsese.

But what about the younger stars? Taylor Kitsch does a great (not so) bad boy. Adrianne Palicki has got attitude and looks in spades. All Zach Gilford would have to do to collect a check is say "Grandma" like he does. At least one of the leads was destined for big things.

But what if we told you that the real breakout from "Friday Night Lights" was none other than Matt Saracen's right-hand man, Lance Landry Clarke, Jesse Plemons?


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Unless you happen to be madly in love with Taylor Kitsch or Brooklyn Decker, some of you have no doubt written "Battleship" off as a cheap imitation of "Transformers." How can an alien invasion action film based on a board game be all that entertaining, right? Well, we have a feeling you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The opening scenes between Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgård were flawlessly executed as the pair's brotherly chemistry and Kitsch's off-kilter charm win the audience over in the first few minutes. The film continues with non-stop action once the Navy hits the sea, and continues its intrigue as the movie incorporates the board game layout into the battles.

It's a summer flick that's sure to entertain, so here are our five reasons to see "Battleship."


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"Friday Night Lights" has no flaws, save for one: the Landry Clarke murder subplot. The NBC football drama misfired horribly in its second season when it turned bumbling geek Landry into a killer of rapists, and even the show's staunchest supporters can't overlook the laughably bad storyline.

But here's a Landry Clarke murder subplot-in-the-making we can all get behind: actor Jesse Plemons, the man behind the East Dillon Lions kicker, is joining another critically acclaimed television series, "Breaking Bad," in a role that's sure to get bloody before all's said and done.


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