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Edward NortonLooks like we'll see something of an "Avengers" throwdown on the set of "Bourne Legacy."

Edward Norton, who previously played Bruce Banner in Marvel's "Incredible Hulk," is in negotiations to join the Matt Damon-less continuation of the "Bourne" franchise as the film's antagonist. He'll star opposite leading man Jeremy Renner, cast as Hawkeye in "Avengers," giving the two actors a chance to slug it out on the big-screen, as they won't have that opportunity in Marvel's superhero team-up movie; Norton was famously booted from the Hulk role, with Mark Ruffalo coming in to take his place.

Get the rest of today's casting news past the jump, including new additions to "Rock of Ages" and a brand new passion project from "Bridesmaids" star Kristen Wiig!


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Ben AffleckNews dropped this morning that Ben Affleck is no longer attached to Baz Luhrmann's 3-D take on "The Great Gatsby" playing the story's resident drunken cad, Tom Buchanan, so we here at MTV Movies Blog have decided that the task of finding the man to play the part should fall upon us.

As daunting as that seems, and after a heated debate this morning, we feel we've found five viable options for the role. Here's what we got...

Jon Hamm
He's about the right age, has the experience playing this guy on "Mad Men" and has girls swooning. (For instance, we swooned as we typed his name!) Then again, he already plays a guy like Tom on the small screen. Nothing is worse than seeing someone as talented as Hamm get typecast, no matter how good he looks in a suit.


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Hunger GamesThe names being called for "The Hunger Games" continues to grow by the day. Earlier this week it was announced that newcomers Amandla Stenberg and Dayo Okeniyi signed on to play District 11 members Rue and Thresh and that Elizabeth Banks was being circled to take on the role of chaperon Effie Trinket.

Now, as our friends over at Hollywood Crush reported, two more have joined in for the "Games" and much like Stenberg and Okeniyi, they are relative unknowns. Jack Quaid (son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan) and TV actress Leven Rambin ("Grey's Anatomy") will star as the privileged District 1 tributes, Marvel and Glimmer. While this casting gets fans one step closer to a better idea of how the film will look, there are still nine more district slots that need to be filled, as well as major characters such as Haymitch and Prim.

Check out the rest of Wednesday's biggest casting news in the movie business, including Ben Affleck saying no to "The Great Gatsby" and John Krasinski getting in line for "Nobody Walks"!


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Hunter Parrish"The Hunger Games" may have found its Katniss Everdeen in the form of Jennifer Lawrence, but the hunt is still on for her two leading men.

A list of actors tapped to read for the role of Peeta Mellark has hit the web, and Hollywood Crush has the rundown on the fan favorites who made the cut (most notably Hunter Parrish) and those who didn't (goodbye, Alex Pettyfer). There were also a few actors noted who were expected to try out for the other lead, Gale, including "Hunger Games" fan Liam Hemsworth.

After the jump, find out which "Twilight Saga" actor is in talks for "Dark Shadows," who has joined the "Three Stooges" as Curly and whether Saoirse Ronan is in or out of "The Hobbit."


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Robert Englund -- Robert Englund doesn't need Freddy Krueger. He's got an all-new demonic franchise to call his own in the form of "Inkubus," an independent horror movie about a demon that walks into a police station and confesses to several crimes, all while holding a severed head. Perfect. [Variety]

-- James Gandolfini is on his way back to HBO, but he won't be returning to his mafia roots. Instead, he'll produce and possibly star in single-camera comedy series "Taxi-22" based on a French Canadian comedy about an inappropriate cab driver. [Deadline]

-- Elizabeth Perkins is no longer rocking the ganja, as the "Weeds" actress is leaving the Showtime series in favor of a big screen role in "I Hop," a live-action/CG-animated hybrid comedy. [The Hollywood Reporter] Read More...

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James Marsden and Cameron Diaz in 'The Box'Director Richard Kelly's had a wild ride in Hollywood. His debut film "Donnie Darko" didn't survive long at the box office, but found renewed life and hordes of fans after its release on DVD. The high-concept Jake Gyllenhaal-led pic was breathtakingly original, a dark sci-fi thriller that brought together tangent universes and an evil-looking man in a rabbit costume. But for Kelly, the true measure of his career would be whether the freshman filmmaker could follow up "Darko" with something just as clever and unique.

Five years later we got "Southland Tales," an ambitious, pre-apocalyptic, musical-tinged film narrated by Justin Timberlake and starring everyone from Dwayne Johnson to Mandy Moore. While it opened to dour critical reviews, it showed there was nonetheless still promise buried within the then-32-year-old Kelly. So what would come next? Our answer came with "The Box," Kelly's most mainstream project to date and an expansion of a short story by "I Am Legend" author Richard Matheson. Starring James Marsden and Cameron Diaz, the film begs the question: Would you take a million dollars in return for pressing a button that will kill someone you've never met? Read More...

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In the below video, Cameron Diaz and "X-Men" star James Marsden ponder the dilemma that is central to Richard Kelly's upcoming "The Box," which they both star in. The movie asks its star couple to consider the question: if they could immediately become wealthy by pushing a single button, at the cost of another human being's life, would they do it? It's a question with no simple answer, and one that Diaz and Marsden face as Norma and Arthur Lewis.

For more from Diaz and Marsden, check out Larry Carroll's writeup on First though, hit the jump for an exclusive still from "The Box," part of our Fall Preview gallery. Read More...

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Alexander SkarsgardAlexander Skarsgard may have lost the chance to wield Thor's hammer, but at least he'll get to terrorize the heck out of Cyclops and Lois Lane. According to Variety, Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth are set to costar with James Marsden in "Straw Dogs," Rod Lurie's controversial remake of Sam Peckinpah's 1971 classic thriller.

Peckinpah's original "Dogs" is the tale of a timid college professor named David (Dustin Hoffman) who relocates to his wife's native town of Cornwall. The distant intellectual immediately alienates the local workmen, who take a fancy to his wife Amy, who is herself feeling neglected by her husband. Tension builds between the couple, and between Amy and the workmen (one of whom is her ex-lover), eventually erupting into savage, horrific violence. "Dogs" was extremely controversial when it was released in 1971, and it remains a film of fierce debate. Read More...

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James MarsdenMoviegoers know James Marsden as a big screen boy scout thanks to roles in "X-Men," "Enchanted," "27 Dresses" and "Superman Returns." But he's just taken a role that will turn that image on his head, as The Hollywood Reporter says that he's signed to star in Rod Lurie's remake of "Straw Dogs."

The original "Straw Dogs" was directed by Sam Peckinpah, and starred Dustin Hoffman and Susan George. It follows a timid, pacifist professor named David (played by Hoffman) who decides the Vietnam protests on his college campus are just too much, and relocates to his wife's native village of Cornwall.


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We were on the set when Fall Out Boy mixed up with Seth Green in full Amish regalia and now we're here with your first look at the sex comedy (at least we hope it's a sex comedy with a title like this) that sees fit to give James Marsden "and..." status. You've made it, James!

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