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"Immortals" finally hits theaters this Friday (November 11), and you know what that means: our weekly roundup of exclusive first looks is drawing to a close. But if "Immortals" Mondays has to go out, at least it goes out in style, courtesy of Stephen Dorff.

Dorff, still one of the all-time greatest comic book movie villains as Deacon Frost in "Blade," absolutely steals the show in "Immortals" as Stavros, a thief whose tongue is even sharper than his blade. This exclusive clip from "Immortals" showcases one of Dorff's finest scenes in the film, with Stavros wielding the all-powerful Epirus bow in a great time of need.


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"Immortals" is just two weeks away from hitting theaters, but if we were able to move in God Speed, we'd be at that November 11 release date a whole lot quicker.

I'm talking about the speed with which Zeus, Poseidon and the other immortal powers of Olympus move against their adversaries, the Titans, in the Tarsem Singh-directed epic. Aside from the perpetually shirtless Henry Cavill and the eternally gorgeous Freida Pinto, perhaps the biggest draw of "Immortals" is the glorious battles between the Gods and the Titans, some of the most breathtaking violence I've ever seen committed to the screen, thanks largely to the otherworldly pacing of the sequences. Get an early look at God Speed for yourself in today's "Immortals" Mondays exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette!

"Immortals" hits theaters on November 11, 2011.

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"Immortals Mondays" continues today with an exclusive behind the scenes look at Poseidon, the trident-wielding god played by "Twilight" favorite Kellan Lutz.

Describing his character as "the favorite uncle," Lutz explained that the god of the sea has been commanded by his brother Zeus (Luke Evans) not to interfere with the matters of men. Poseidon has a hard time adhering to this order, of course, leading him to spearhead one of the most visually breathtaking moments in the entirety of Tarsem Singh's mythological epic. Take a glimpse in the video below.

In addition to the exclusive video, we also have details on an "Immortals" sweepstakes. The Gods need a Hometown Hero, and MTV is looking for one man or woman to assemble their troops for a private hometown screening of "Immortals." Click here to find out how to enter!

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"Immortals" Mondays forges on with another exclusive look behind the scenes of the upcoming Greek mythological epic. Last Monday, you learned a little bit more about Theseus, played by Henry Cavill. This week, we take a look at the work that went into the fight scenes even before Cavill and the rest of the cast showed up on set.

It takes a lot of hard work to look like an expert Grecian warrior, and this week's video shows us just the kind of training the stunt team from Montreal went through to become the soldiers you'll see on screen.

Check back next Monday for more exclusives from "Immortals," which hits theaters November 11. Also, let us know what you what you think in the comment section below and on Twitter!

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It's Monday, and that means another sneak peek at "Immortals"! Last week, you got an exclusive look at Henry Cavill as Theseus with his mighty bow and arrow. This week, you get to dive deeper with a behind the scenes video about the mythological hero plus your best chance yet to see more of the insane visuals that "Immortals" has to offer.

Theseus is not all abs and a good spear-chucking arm. As the hero of "Immortals," he gets the proper Greek treatment with a dash of philosophy and a heaping spoonful of tragedy. Not only does he have a planet to save, he's got a mother to avenge.

Tell us what you think of the new "Immortals" behind the scenes video in the comments section and on Twitter, and tune in next week for more "Immortals" Mondays action!

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"Immortals" Mondays continue this week! After offering you an exclusive first look at the "Immortals: Gods and Heroes" graphic novel — including a full chapter excerpt — last week, we're back today with a first look at leading man Henry Cavill in the thick of the mythological action.

Henry Cavill

In this exclusive still from Tarsem Singh's latest picture of epic proportions is Theseus (Cavill), a mere peasant who is elevated to mythic heights when Zeus (Luke Evans) and his pantheon of Gods select him to defend their number against the Titans, led by Hyperion (Mickey Rourke). In his possession is the Epirius Bow, a legendary weapon manufactured by the god of war Ares (Daniel Sharman) — Robin Hood, eat your heart out!

Tell us what you think of the new "Immortals" photo in the comments section and on Twitter, and tune in next week for more "Immortals" Mondays action!

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