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Clint EastwoodWould playing Leonardo DiCaprio's on-screen lover in Clint Eastwood's "Hoover" have been enough to resurrectJoaquin Phoenix's still-tarnished film career? Maybe... but unfortunately we'll never know.

During an interview with Reuters, Eastwood emphatically denied Phoenix was in contention for the role of Clyde Tolson in the biopic on J. Edgar Hoover.

"No. I don't know where that came from," Eastwood said. "Didn't he become a rapper?"

Sort of... but not really, as we all discovered when Casey Affleck revealed that "I'm Still Here" was a hoax. But it still is a bit of a disappointment that Phoenix's mutilation of his own career for the sake of Affleck's doc potentially contributed to his not getting what would have been a great role. Read More...

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I saw "I'm Still Here" earlier this week, Casey Affleck's documentary(?) covering a period of roughly a year in the life of (former?) actor Joaquin Phoenix. As many of us know, Phoenix seemed to go a little batty starting in late-2008 when he announced his retirement from the world of Hollywood in order to pursue a career as a rapper. The hair grew long and unkempt, the beard became an unmanageable bird's nest and the drug use, at least from what Affleck's doc shows, ran rampant.

In short, we were led to believe that Phoenix had some sort of meltdown.

I'm speaking in uncertain terms because the debate that's raging around the movie is whether or not what we see on screen is a hoax or in some way staged. I'll address my thoughts on that at the end of this write-up, but first let's talk about "I'm Still Here" as what it is: a work of film. Read More...

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With Labor Day safely behind us, weekly movie releases can now officially be considered as part of the fall slate. Yes, yes... fall technically starts on September 22. Screw that noise though. Summer blockbusters are done. So begins the race for the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards and all of the other many prestigious awards that will be handed out in the coming months.

What are you most looking forward to seeing? "TRON: Legacy"? "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"? "The Social Network"? Please let us know. I'm going to use this opportunity to run through 10 upcoming fall releases that don't necessarily number among the major tentpoles. Even if you've heard of them, these (mostly) smaller-scale productions are worthy of your attention in the coming months. Read More...

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I truly hope that Joaquin Phoenix comes out to do press for "I'm Still Here," Casey Affleck's doc about him, completely fresh-faced and clean-cut. Because the Joaquin on display in the below trailer for the film is anything but. Rather, it's the scraggly, wild-haired, sunglasses-wearing loon we've come to know over the past year-plus. The doc is supposed to be pretty bizarre; we'll all find out when it hits theaters in September.

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