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In addition to his titles as musician and actor, Ice-T also recently added director to his long list of duties. With "The Art of Rap," Ice-T leads a documentary camera crew deep inside the world of rap with discussions with the artists that started it and those that developed it.

Ice-T stopped by the MTV Newsroom to sit down with Sway for the latest episode of RapFix Live. He discussed the making of the film at length, his interviews with some of the today's hottest acts and the current state of hip hop.

Check out the full episode of RapFix Live featuring Ice-T, Jim Jones and Fred the Godson above!

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MTV's After Hours has made a name for itself creating the highest quality late night entertainment around. But now, with the help of Ice T, the series could be making its big break into prime time programming.

Enter "Snowy River," which absolutely was definitely not shot on location at the Sundance Film Festival or anything like that (hint: okay maybe it was). Snowy River is a mysterious town with many terrifying murderers on the loose (you could get killed for playing peek-a-boo) and even more interesting inhabitants (just wait until you see the Inarticulate Twins). As the trailer teases, it will be a lot better than "NCIS"... we hope.


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OprahToday's a day for saying goodbye in the mysterious land of Twitter-Wood. (Not for us, mind you — we're not going anywhere!) The Oprah Winfrey Show comes to an end today after 25 seasons on the air, and while many people across the globe are mourning the show's conclusion, many stars and celebs are marking the occasion with their tongue firmly in cheek.

Meanwhile, longtime "Law & Order: SVU" actor Christopher Meloni is reportedly exiting the show, leaving his fans (and some of his colleagues) in shock. But the saddest and most surprising news of all is the death of CNBC news anchor Mark Haines, who passed away unexpectedly at his home yesterday evening; his loss is marked in today's Twitter-Wood as well.

But there's happier news today, too. Two more people have discovered the awesome power of "Bridesmaids," while the long-awaited "American Reunion" finally enters production, with Stifler's mom firmly in tow.

I'm @roundhoward and this is Twitter-Wood for May 25, 2011.


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Arnold SchwarzeneggerShocking news from Arnold Schwarzenegger's camp today, as the former governor revealed that he fathered a child over a decade ago with a member of his household staff, a revelation that led to his separation from Maria Shriver. The confession has prompted a wide range of reactions and ridicule from celebrities in the Twitter-Wood space, as you might expect.

In other news, many are buzzing about the just-released teaser for Steven Spielberg's "The Adventures of Tintin," while one actor/rapper has strong words for Bill O'Reilly after his debate with Jon Stewart over Common's invitation to visit the White House.

I'm @roundhoward and this is Twitter-Wood for May 17, 2011.


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Woody HarrelsonFans haven't been universally appreciative of casting news on "The Hunger Games" thus far, with the possible exception being Jennifer Lawrence's attachment as Katniss. But here's something that everyone — or, at least, a "Lost" architect — can get behind: Woody Harrelson is on board as Haymitch Abernathy!

Many members of the Twitter-Wood community spent today observing the 10th anniversary of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" author Douglas Adams' untimely death, while still others remain obsessed with the demise of Osama bin Laden… so much so that one actor was not really able to unmask the Al Qaedea terrorist's killer.

I'm @roundhoward and this is Twitter-Wood for May 11, 2011.


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Black SwanIt was appropriate that for the last Twitter-Wood update of 2010, the feed included plenty of examples of what made the year great. "Black Swan" reactions continued to appear, while Michael Ian Black and Brody Stevens wished horrible fates upon people for the new year and Seth MacFarlane proposed a New Year's resolution for anyone who hasn't picked one yet.

Ice-T sounded off with his feelings about the police, as he apparently got pulled over this week. His rant, as well as Jeremy Piven's fear of saunas and Anna Kendrick's love for the show "Misfits" can be found down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for December 30, 2010. Read More...

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Hugh Hefner and Crystal HarrisMemories and condolences in the wake of R&B performer Teena Marie's death were out in force in Twitter-Wood this morning. Ice-T, Quinton Aaron, Sasha Grey and Tyrese Gibson all noted her importance and expressed their grief in posts, whether they were friends, fans or both.

Hugh Hefner's engagement to 24-year-old Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris also attracted attention today. Patton Oswalt and Seth Green both contributed opinions on that front, while Tinsel Korey shared her favorite scene from "Eclipse." You can find out what that was and see how Zachary Quinto feels about the blizzard he came face to face with after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for December 27, 2010. Read More...

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Lindsay LohanThe Spider-Man musical punchlines have not yet subsided, and I doubt they will before 2010 ends at this rate. "Break a leg" references and Green Goblin involvement behind the scenes have been the most popular choices today.

Also trending today was Lindsay Lohan after a Betty Ford Center employee accused the actress of battery and was subsequently fired for sharing confidential information with the press. Scope out some reactions after the jump, along with an update on what Russell Brand did with his new 3-D TV.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for December 22, 2010. Read More...

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Black SwanWell, Hollywood may be getting quiet this week, but Twitter-Wood most certainly is not. In fact, most everyone who's fleeing Los Angeles in our feed has been chronicling their fear and near-death experiences driving in the rain as they attempt to get out. Slightly more interesting, however, have been reactions to the "Survivor: Nicaragua" finale, "The Fighter" and "Black Swan."

Micro-reviews from Ice-T, Jon Favreau and Alicia Silverstone can be found after jump. There, you'll also find out who from the "Community" cast has been giving away Nintendo DS games and how Steve Martin approaches jury duty.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for December 20, 2010. Read More...

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Miley CyrusElizabeth Edwards showed up in numerous memorial tweets earlier this week, but even more posts surfaced today to express disgust over the Westboro Baptist Church's decision to picket her funeral. The announcement did inspire Michael Ian Black to declare a new item to scratch off of his life's bucket list, though.

In other topics, Denis Leary applauded Miley Cyrus for video of the singer-actress smoking a bong. His commentary, along with Ice-T's reaction to Wesley Snipes going to jail and Damon Lindelof on the "Community" Christmas special's "Lost" jab has been retweeted after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for December 10, 2010. Read More...

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