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Snow White Hook

"Snow White and the Huntsmans" definitely brings a new spin to a fairy tale, but it's certainly not the first to tell an old story in a new way. It's not even the first one to cast the awesome Bob Hoskins in it. We fill you in on what's playing and what you should be watching in this week's Double Feature Friday!

"Snow White and the Huntsman" & "Hook"
It's unfortunate that in "Snow White and the Huntsman" it takes so long for the dwarves to show up, because once they do, you realize the rest of the film could have used a cast of top-grade British character actors. Chief among them is Bob Hoskins, as the blind dwarf Muir. Hoskins previously starred in another revisionist fairy tale, Steven Spielberg's Peter Pan sequel "Hook," where he stole the show as Smee. He even reprised his role in last year's BBC prequel miniseries, "Neverland."


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Despite what childhood television shows taught us (we're looking at you "Winnie the Pooh"), we're acutely aware that animals can't talk back to us. The most Sparky can do is bark when we ask if he wants to go for a walk. Now the movies we watch tell us that animals only talk back when we're under the influence of some substance—as this hilarious, exclusive "High School" clip demonstrates.

The film follows two high school friends—Henry is college bound while Travis spends most of his time getting high. When Henry decides to try marijuana for the first time, his experimental use of the drug coincides with the principal's decision to issue a mandatory drug test.


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by Perri Nemiroff

Promo Police is back for round two. The lineup pits indies “HIGH School” and “The Yellow Handkerchief” up against Hollywood heavyweights “Green Lantern,” “Iron Man 2,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Last Airbender” and “Wall Street 2.” As the end of the month approaches, the force is looking to make quota. This week’s offenders unfortunately won’t boost the stats. Some are facing minimal charges, but the rest are proudly exonerated and set free for your enjoyment.

Concept Art: “Green Lantern”
The Good: The FX folks responsible for these images are taking their job very seriously in multiple senses of the word. First, they’re very accurate portrayals of the popular comic book characters. Secondly and more importantly, they have an ominous undertone suggesting “Green Lantern” could be a more serious superhero film like “The Dark Knight.”
The Bad: Tomar-Re and Kilowog can scowl all they want; when you’ve got faces like that people are bound to giggle.
Promotional Power: Does anything regarding “Green Lantern” not have promotional power? Check it out here. Read More...

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One of the Sundance titles that's been gathering a lot of buzz is "HIGH School." As you might have deduced from the title's formatting, it is best described as a stoner comedy. The story follows a promising young student and potential MIT scholarship recipient who experiments with marijuana for the first time... the day before a school-wide drug testing program is instituted. In order to save his future, the enterprising lad comes up with a plan to drug the entire school with pot brownies sold at a bake sale.

Stars Michael Chiklis and Colin Hanks, who play the school principal and vice principal, respectively, stopped by to chat during their Sundance meanderings. MTV's Eric Ditzian just had to ask the two about past fictional school authority figures and what their own performances bring to this rich lexicon.

"The pantheon of big screen principals?" Chiklis asked with a laugh. "I think you're going straight to the top on this one, I'm going to be quite honest with you," Hanks replied. The two then proceeded to run through a laundry list of character traits that set the "HIGH School" principal apart from his predecessors. Read More...

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Adrien BrodyI think it's been a few years since we had a good high school comedy -- the purist in me wants to say the entire sub-genre died with John Hughes' career, but we've had a few like "Clueless," "Election" and "Mean Girls" to keep us going. Now an indie movie is going to try and make the grade, and it's landed two big stars to do it. According to Variety, Adrien Brody and Michael Chiklis have enrolled in "High School," a comedy written and directed by John Stalberg Jr.

The story centers around a high school valedictorian (no word on who plays him), who decides to be a bad boy just once in his high school career, and indulge in an illegal substance. He gets high with the school stoner, only to face a drug test which will ruin his school career. Being a smarty-pants, he decides to get the entire school stoned, so that he can beat the test by making everyone fail with him. Read More...

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