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'Chicago 10'As one of the lead actors on "The Simpsons," voice actor Hank Azaria has certainly had plenty of success creating commanding vocal performances. His greatest struggles in the new film "Chicago 10" then, weren't so much in creating voices but, as the actor admitted to MTV News, in "re-creating" them.

"I knew my job was to sound as much like Abbie Hoffman and Allen Ginsberg as I could," he said. "With their voices in the actual film, the idea was to get it as close to 100 percent accurate as I could. For me it was mostly audience tapes. I spent a few weeks practicing." Read More...

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Hank AzariaConsidering it was an adaptation of an 18-year-old television show, "The Simpsons Movie" has to be viewed as a somewhat surprising success. Given that success, though, it should be no surprise that they're already working on a sequel.

"I think a fun format for the next 'Simpsons' movie would be a 'Treehouse of Horror' feature," voice star Hank Azaria offered. "That might be fun. It'd be fun to do three fantasy or horror stories."

Whether that's the path the filmmakers ultimately go down remains to be seen, of course. But Azaria's got another suggestion he feels much more adamantly about. Hank Azaria demands, well, more Hank Azaria. Read More...

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Ben Stiller in 'Night at the Museum'The cast continues to come together for the highly anticipated sequel to "Night at the Museum." We knew the film, subtitled "Escape from the Smithsonian" once again starred Ben Stiller, this time alongside newcomers Hank Azaria and Amy Adams, but now we know some other familiar faces are returning, plus who the villain is.

"I am playing a fictional Egyptian pharaoh that comes to life," Azaria revealed to MTV News. "I'm the villain in the movie and have all sorts of nasty plans for modern society and poor Ben Stiller gets caught in the middle of it." Read More...

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Homer SimpsonArticle by Heather Perry

Suck. Suck. That's about all we've heard out of Maggie Simpson for the past 18 years, but as fans of the yellow-skinned family will remember, during the end credits for last summer's "The Simpsons Movie," Maggie removed her ever-present pacifier, and delivered a word that left us all drooling.

"Sequel," baby!

So, what's preventing Hank Azaria, Yeardley Smith, Nancy Cartwright, Julie Kavner and Dan Castellaneta from "D'oh!"-ing it up on the big screen again? A stinky situation that has been terrorizing TV shows and movies alike, and it's got nothing to do with "Spider-Pig." Read More...

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