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Craig Gillespie’s “Fright Night” remake has found its vampire: Colin Farrell. As reported by THR, he’ll go up against Anton Yelchin as Charlie Brewster in the remake of Tom Holland’s 1985 horror classic. Also joining the fun is Toni Collette, who is on board to play Charlie’s mother, one of many who just can’t resist her bloodsucking neighbor’s charm. Gillespie’s version will stick to the basics of the original, focusing on young Charlie's supicions about his neighbor Jerry, whom he believes to be a vampire. He confides in his mother as well as his best friend, Evil Ed and girlfriend, Amy, but no one believes his accusations.

With vampires continuing to be the hot thing in Hollywood, “Fright Night” should be a welcome edition to a genre that’s on the verge of growing tiresome. We’re not in for another dose of sparkling beasts or even creatures of the night with an affinity for gore. In fact, “Fright Night” is just the opposite; it’s an amalgamation of horror, suspense, camp and the teen factor, a la John Hughes, that feels remarkably real.

Of course, good source material doesn’t guarantee a well-made film, even with such a notable cast attached. Luckily there are tons of hits and misses in the world of horror reboots that Gillespie can consider when assembling the pieces of his re-creation. Check out this list of winners and losers to see where they went right and where they went wrong. Read More...

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It's been a bumpy few weeks for the "Halloween" franchise. Director Rob Zombie's sequel released only a few weeks ago, at the end of August. And yet there's already been a sequel confirmation, an announced summer 2010 release and a director secured-- "My Bloody Valentine 3-D" helmer Patrick Lussier. Following on the heels of Bob Weinstein's recent sequel re-confirmation last week, plans seem to have suddenly changed. For better or for worse... you decide.

Weinstein himself put the brakes on things, according to Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood (and further confirmed by Lussier to Shock Till You Drop). Apparently, the studio head decided -- wisely, I think -- that things were getting too rushed for a summer '10 release. Lussier is already booked to helm the Nicolas Cage-starring "Drive Angry" and he'll likely keep busy until then promoting the January release of "Valentine." Read More...

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1. "The Final Destination" ($12 million three day, $15 million four day)
2. "All About Steve" ($11 million three day, $13 million four day)
3. "Inglourious Basterds" ($10.8 million three day, $13 million four day)
4. "Gamer" ($9 million three day, $11 million four day)
5. "District 9" ($6.2 million three day, $8 million four day)

Come on, did you really expect a guy named Steve to cheat Death? Whatever your expectations, it didn't happen -- the current four day forecast for the Labor Day box office weekend puts "The Final Destination" in first place over "All About Steve," the Bradley Cooper/Sandra Bullock-starring romantic comedy that opened this weekend. Read More...

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1. "The Final Destination" ($3.58 million)
2. "All About Steve" ($3.55 million)
3. "Gamer" ($3.3 million)
4. "Inglourious Basterds" ($3 million)
5. "District 9" ($1.7 million)

Last weekend, "The Final Destination" proved that not even Michael Myers could defeat the almighty Death itself. But this weekend tells the tale of a champion that could steal Death's top box office spot -- and that champion, ladies and gentlemen, is named Steve.

Preliminary estimates of Friday's box office intake show a fierce battle between "The Final Destination," the fourth and potentially final installment of the death-heavy horror franchise, and "All About Steve," the debuting romantic comedy starring Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock. "Destination" is edging the rom-com by such a slim margin that it's difficult to call a clear winner, a fact that is further complicated because "All About Steve" is playing in fewer theaters than the horror flick. All told, "Steve" has the better per screen average thus far. Read More...

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Welcome to Gore Girls! MTV contributor Terri Schwartz doesn't know crap about the horror genre, and she's volunteered to be our Movies Blog guinea pig. She has a good guide too. Fellow contributor Jenni Miller is a bonafide horror enthusiast, and she's willing to walk Terri through her formative experiences with blood, guts, monsters and maniacs. Together, this dynamic duo are horror's own odd couple, THE GORE GIRLS!!! Good luck Terri... you're definitely going to need it.

This week, Jenni and Terri decided to spend their time with John Carpenter's original "Halloween," as a tribute to Rob Zombie's just-released "Halloween II." After last week's serving of gratuitous gore and soft-core porn, Terri seemed to appreciate "Halloween"'s more cerebral touch. Don't take my word for it though! Hit the jump for Jenni & Terri's thorough dissection of one of horror's true classics. Read More...

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Due to the success of “The Final Destination” over the weekend, we can expect to see a lot more 3-D movies going into development over the next few months. Just this morning The Hollywood Reporter had news of a film in the works titled “Drive Angry,” which will feature Nicolas Cage popping out at you in three dimensions.

Also in the past few days were reports of a possible 3-D “Swamp Thing” remake and confirmation that The Weinstein Co. is moving ahead on a third “Halloween” movie that will be made in 3-D and released next summer. Read More...

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Thank you to Mr. Rob Zombie for sharing his time with us this week. In this parting video, the "Halloween II" director shares some sage words of advice for your readers, words that I completely agree with and hope that you all do too.

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I'm pleased to report that things are back to status quo. Last week's top stories were relatively free of "Twilight" news but we're back on track this week thanks to the barrage of images and news that emerged. We'll get to that in a minute though. First let's wrap up the weekly box office poll.

There was a big voter turnout this week, though nearly all of your votes went to one of the two horror releases: "Halloween II" and "The Final Destination." Rob Zombie's flick edged out "Destination," with 60% of the vote compared to the other's 38%. The remaining 2% is spread across the rest of the choices, with no clear leader among them. Now that that's out of the way, let's see what your clicks favored... Read More...

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To keep with the running Rob Zombie/"Halloween II" theme this week, I'm featuring yet another related item in today's eBay Prop-Watch. Ask anyone what they think of first when the subject of "Halloween" -- the horror franchise, not the holiday -- comes up, and most will answer Michael Myers' mask. Zombie's vision for the remakes diverges a bit from the previous films of course, but Myers is still his recognizable self beneath all of that filth and grime.

Here's a bit of trivia that you may not know. The original mask used in the 1978 film was created from a William Shatner Halloween mask, which was purchased for less than $2. It's amazing when you think about it, that the dictates of a low budget shoot were responsible for one of Hollywood's most iconic movie monsters. And that's why this second Prop-Watch for the week features yet another version of Myers' mask. Read More...

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Rob ZombieWeren't we just talking about horror franchises that Rob Zombie should take over after "Halloween II" hits theaters? Well, it looks like somebody out there was thinking the same exact thing, but contrary to MTV contributor John Constantine's hopes, it won't be "Tremors," "Blade" or "Critters" that Zombie puts his unique stamp on. No, the filmmaker is digging much deeper for his next directorial effort -- he's going to the 1950s.

According to Variety, Rob Zombie will write, direct and produce a remake of "The Blob," based on the classic 1958 horror film starring none other than the King of Cool himself, Steve McQueen. The "House of 1000 Corpses" director will update "The Blob" for a modern audience that might not find a big red pile of goo all that terrifying. Read More...

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