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Seth GreenRemember those reports earlier this month that supermodel Gisele Bundchen was in talks to star in "Austin Powers 4," and had already read a script for the project and was soon to meet Mike Myers and director Jay Roach? And how it thoroughly confused everyone since the film has been nothing more than loose ideas in Myers' head for years? Well, that's because none of it is true.

That's according to one person who should know - the demon seed of Dr. Evil himself, Seth Green. When asked about the rumored casting, Green was, like us, frankly astounded. "Giselle...the model??" he exclaimed. Read More...

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Shia LaBeouf- Shia LaBeouf joins "The Dark Fields," the story of a loser who gets his hands on a drug that makes you smarter. (Hollywood Reporter)

- Zack Snyder gets animated, prepares to direct "Guardians of Ga-Hoole," based on a series of children's books. (Variety)

- Jabba the Hutt's kid? Really? I mean, REALLY? Sigh. First trailer for "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" hits web. (

- "Tropic Thunder" to feature fake trailers a la "Grindhouse." (/film)

- Groovy, baby. Fourth "Austin Powers" rumored to be targeting Gisele Bundchen for female lead. (

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