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Henry CavillThere was no chance that the actor who landed the lucky, life-changing role of Edward Cullen would not become an instant heartthrob. But could he have been someone entirely different, and still found a way into the hearts of Twilighters all over the world?

That’s the question that presents itself when one ponders the curious case of Henry Cavill.

We just published an interview over on the MTV Movies page with the 25-year-old “Whatever Works” actor, who was open and honest about his little-known “Twilight” past. In the early stages of the film’s development, author Stephenie Meyer publicly stated that the Edward she could see best fit for the part was British actor Cavill. Eventually, of course, the role went to RPattz with Stephenie’s blessing – but even then, she still said she’d love to get him into the series somewhere. Read More...

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Recently, My Chemical Romance became probably the first band in history to proclaim they wanted nothing to do with the upcoming "Twilight" sequel, "New Moon." (Are you listening, every other celebrity in the universe?)

Turns out, they're rather choosy when it comes to just which films get their music. Moody adaptations of classic Alan Moore graphic novels = yes. Everything else = no. Read More...

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Gerard WayFROM SPLASH PAGE: On top of being a certified rock star, My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way is also living the life that most of us geeks can only dream of. In addition to his hit comic book series, Dark Horse Comics' "The Umbrella Academy" (the new "season" of which -- "Umbrella Academy: Dallas" -- we previewed here on Splash Page a few weeks back), Way and the boys of MCR are also contributing a song for the upcoming, ridiculously-anticipated comic flick, "Watchmen." For Way -- a hardcore fan of the original groundbreaking comic series -- it couldn't get any better...or could it?

"I don’t want to say too much but as far as the placement right now, it’s integral to the ending of the film," said Way, revealing that things have changed since our earlier report that MCR's cover of "Desolation Row" would be confined to playing over the end credits. "And that gave me goose bumps, and not because we did the song, but because it works that well I feel. I’ve seen the part that we’re integral to -- we’re talking about the very end."

For more on My Chemical Romance's Bob Dylan cover being integral to the ending of "Watchmen," head over to

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