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George RomeroArticle by George Romero

I'm George Romero, and to all you fans out there, and those who aren't my fans but are reading this anyway, I've got a new movie, one I love, coming out today. It's called "Diary of the Dead," and it's a return to my roots, to the days of "Night of the Living Dead" when it was just me and my friends working to put something we cared about on the screen.

It was great to be able to do things my own way again, to have the freedom to come up with ideas on the spur of the moment and not have anyone leaning over my shoulder and telling me all the reasons that I couldn't. Read More...

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What's better than watching a George A. Romero zombie flick with a packed house at a midnight showing? Having the man himself in attendance of course, with a spankin' new film in tow.

"I'm a little drunk," the 67-year-old maverick told the enthusiastic crowd, introducing his eagerly-anticipated "Diary of the Dead." "We're in a cold place, and you've gotta stay warm."

George Romero introduces 'Diary of the Dead' at Sundance


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