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"The Smurfs" might not be invading New York City until August 2011, but that doesn't mean that they won't remind us that they're coming. In a new image from the upcoming film, Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Smurfette, Grouchy Smurf, Gutsy Smurf and Panicky Smurf just landed in Central Park on a nice sunny Manhattan day. At least we know they'll make some progress around the city since we first saw them in Times Square.

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Conan O'Brien fired up his Team CoCo tweeters today with news that he would bring a late-night show to TBS. George Lopez, whose show will move to make room for Conan, gained a whole new following as a result, including Aziz Ansari and James Urbaniak. Conan even got a shout-out from Justin Bieber about the announcement. Bieber, meanwhile, saw a new #JustinBieberSucks tag emerge, which was bound to happen sooner or later. Frankie Muniz picked that one up, though.

In other tweets, Edgar Wright mourned the break-up of the British band Supergrass, who strangely enough were responsible for the 1995 album I Should Coco. Check out what he had to say after the jump where you'll also find Elizabeth Taylor dispelling a rumor and an "Eclipse" actor hugging a koala. It's all in Twitter-Wood for April 12th, 2010. Read More...

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Yesterday the news broke that Neil Patrick Harris had joined the cast of "The Smurfs" as the live-action lead. Momentum is clearly building for the planned adaptation, as a few more have joined the cast as well, as voice actors.

Original cartoon voice actor Jonathan Winters (previously confirmed), George Lopez and Alan Cumming are all on board, while pop star Katy Perry is in talks, according to Variety. That's as strange a lineup as I've ever seen. It also basically confirms -- whether or not Perry ultimately lands the role -- that there's some plan for Smurfette (that's the role she's up for) to sing. Not sure how I feel about that, even if it is true to the cartoon. Read More...

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Beverly Hills ChihuahuaA good trailer fills you with excitement and anticipation, it makes you want to see the movie it's advertising right now. An especially good trailer invites itself to be watched over and over again.

In short, a good trailer is everything this trailer is NOT.

How bad is the trailer for "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"? Bad enough that the venerable "NY Times" (the NEW YORK TIMES!) wrote about its awfulness. Bad enough that it's spawned a whole series of Youtube reaction videos. Read More...

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