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Way back in 2003, an action thriller came out called "S.W.A.T.," starring Colin Farrell, Sam Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Michele Rodriguez and LL Cool J. The film was based on a 1970's television series about a group of elite cops taking on the bad guys, and the movie was more or less a fun ride. Now come March 1, we'll get "S.W.A.T.: Firefight," a DVD flick which also draws its inspiration from the TV show.

This time the stars are Gabriel "The Spirit" Macht, Robert "Terminator 2" Patrick, Kristanna "Terminator 3" Loken and, making his film debut, rap star Tony Yayo. In the scene below, a supermarket robbery gone bad results in Tony Yayo taking hostages as the S.W.A.T. team takes position. Check it out!

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They're not the only two releases on the plate this week, but they're the two which are most likely to divide audiences. Shane Acker's "9" has been something of a staple on MTV Movies Blog these past few months. I caught a screening over the summer and very much enjoyed what I saw.

Produced by Tim Burton and "Wanted" director Timur Bekmambetov, "9" is set in a stitchpunk dystopian future in which humans have been eradicated. All that remains are robotic contraptions and little beings made of sackcloth. It's a short movie -- roughly 75 minutes -- but it gets in, tells a compelling story and then gets out with exceptional economy. You won't be left with many questions when the credits roll even though there's a relative absence of heavy exposition. In summation, "9" is short and sweet. Check out our coverage of "9" all this week on MTV Splash Page for exclusive clips, images and interviews. Read More...

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James CaanAdmit it. You have laid awake wondering exactly who the first person who thought up the idea of putting porn on the Internet was -- and kicking yourself that it wasn't you.

A new indie comedy-drama, "Middle Men" might serve to soothe your mind on the history aspect, at least. Apparently, the first person to come up with selling porn online was an ordinary businessman, who decided the Internet was populated by nerds who might be interested in buying some adult entertainment. The downside of this generous and profitable idea was that he ended up embroiled in all kinds of drama and danger -- porn starlets, Russian mobsters, international terrorists, federal agents, and con men all ended up at his door.


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