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After a few fairly disturbing teases, the first trailer for the A&E original series, "Bates Motel," has given us our best look yet at the boy who would "Psycho," and he likes his Apple products.

The trailer (via Twitch) features Freddie Highmore as a modern-age Norman Bates, and while there are small flourishes that remind us of the classic Anthony Perkins performance, this reinterpretation of the Alfred Hitchcock classic does look like its interested in creating a unique world and vision for the myth.

"Bates Motel" premieres on March 18. Let's hope we don't have another Gus Van Sant debacle.

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Freddie Highmore

When someone mentions Freddie Highmore, your mind probably goes to young Peter, sitting on a bench, in "Finding Neverland," or Charlie Bucket in Tim Burton's revisionist "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Though he's had a number of more adult roles as he's gotten older, nothing comes close to what Highmore is about to take on next.

TV Guide revealed that Highmore will play a younger version of Norman Bates, the psycho at the heart of "Psycho," and the main character of A&E's new television series. The series, which comes from executive producer Carlton Cuse of "Lost," has been making a number of big casting announcements recently.


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by Stefan Doyno

Inspiration comes in many forms, and during the MTV Sneak Peek Week presentation of "The Art of Getting By," we sat down with the cast and director Gavin Wiesen to discuss what inspired them most in making the film. For Wiesen, it was the coming of age movies he knew so well that helped inspire him for "The Art of Getting By," but he didn’t let them influence him too much.

"I didn’t study movies for what not to do or just check out samples of the genre randomly," he said, citing "The Graduate" and "Dazed and Confused" as two particular movies that inspired his work. "I had favorite movies that I think inspired this film, and I didn’t want to look at any one of them too closely."


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Chris Pine-- Teresa Palmer is the latest hire on "I Am Number Four," the science fiction movie directed by D.J. Caruso based on the upcoming novel from James Frey and Jobie Hughes. Sharlto Copley was cast in a pivotal role just last week. [Heat Vision]

-- Seth Rogen and Chris Pine are reportedly circling "This Means War" for 20th Century Fox. Reese Witherspoon stars as a woman who finds herself at the center of a war for her affections fought by two best friends and fellow spies. [The Wrap] Read More...

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