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Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti in 'Fred Claus'Dear Santa,

My name is Shawn Adler and I am 26 years old, and I have been very, very good this year. (I promise!) I know it's been a long time since I wrote you a letter, but last week I saw a movie about you called "Fred Claus." It got me thinking, Santa. I never knew what hard work it was at the North Pole! You have all those elves and you can do magic, but you still have to read all the little boy's and little girl's letters yourself. How tiring! So the other day when I talked to the stars of "Fred Claus," we decided to put all our wishes in one place – that way you could read just one letter instead of five! They all said they haven't been naughty, Santa, and I believe them! I don't write cursive too good so my friends at MTV let me type up my letter here so you could read it easy. Read More...


As you might guess, we here at the MTV Movies Blog do what we do for a variety of reasons. We love movies. We love talking about them. Yadda yadda yadda, right? Really what we want though is the same as what you want...elf approval. We yearn for that acknowledgment and validation from our North Pole brethren. And finally we have it thanks to our friends at "Fred Claus"!

Feast your eyes on a mesmerizing piece of video I will never tire of watching. It's like a David Lynch holiday greeting card. Enjoy.

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FlashFaster than the man himself, "The Flash" movie has once again changed directors – and you'll never guess whose quick hands have grabbed the franchise.

"Wedding Crashers" and "Fred Claus" director David Dobkin revealed to MTV News that he's signed with Warner Bros. to bring the fleet-footed super to the big screen in a solo project, taking over for Shawn Levy who left for undisclosed reasons.

Dobkin's film won't be the character's first appearance in cinemas, of course, with the Flash a major part of the upcoming "Justice League of America" film. But while fans wait for "JLA" story and casting announcements with bated breath, Dobkin can't help but hold his – confirming that his movie will exist in the same universe as the upcoming flick. Read More...

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