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It's the remake that's been years -- and countless rumored directors and actors -- in the making... and now the planned "Fletch" reboot is rearing its head again.

Word broke last month that Warner Bros. was working on a new version of "Fletch," which got us thinking about the old attempted resurrection of the 1985 comedy classic at the hands of Kevin Smith and Jason Lee.

We caught up with Lee during the 83rd Annual Academy Awards and asked if he'd ever consider stepping into Chevy Chase's iconic shoes now that the wheels of the "Fletch" reboot are in motion once again -- and according to Lee himself, he's most certainly interested.


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Jason SegelJason Segel continues to reign supreme among the adult comedians in Hollywood right now. His upcoming "The Muppets" is sure to be a giant, lovable success, he has us begging for more "I Love You Man," and "How I Met Your Mother" is still going strong, and now he has yet another upcoming project for us to get excited for.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Segel is going undercover. To be more precise, he's going back to the '80s as an "Undercover Cop." "Butter" scribe Jason Micallef is penning the script, and DreamWorks will produce it. The plot is still under wraps but apparently it's inspired by the true story of a former cop that finagles his way into the New Jersey criminal underworld. The concept sounds like it could be hilarious with Segel at the helm.

There are plenty of undercover cop films out there, and this appropriately titled film could go a number of different ways. So we decided to list off our favorite undercover films that we hope "Undercover Cop" borrows from.


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FletchIf you were a fan of Chevy Chase's 1985 comedy "Fletch," and couldn't help but have a soft spot in your heart for its 1989 sequel "Fletch Lives," then you are either going to love or hate this news.

Despite the rumor over the past decade that a "Fletch" prequel called "Fletch Won" is in the works, Deadline learned that Warner Bros. has instead acquired the rights to reboot the film and start a new franchise based on the Gregory McDonald series.

The first film follows a wisecracking investigative reporter named I. M. Fletcher who is trying to get to the bottom of a drug trade, but is distracted when a well-groomed man named Alan Stanwyk approaches him. Stanwyk tells him he has incurable cancer and offers Fletcher a lot of money to off him, not knowing he's an undercover reporter. Fletcher does some digging on Stanwyk and discovers his story is not as innocent as it seemed, and also manages to solve the drug trade mystery.

With Hollywood in reboot hysteria, "Fletch" just falls in line with "Arthur" and all the other '80s classics getting reboots. But this new version of "Fletch" won't survive without a good comedian at its helm to play the title character, so we've got some suggestions. Read More...

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Joshua JacksonPaging Dr. Rosenrosen. Dr. Rosenrosen, you're needed for an emergency.

Last year, the long in development "Fletch" prequel finally seemed a go when star Joshua Jackson signed on for the titular role, made famous by Chevy Chase in two 80s classics. But in a recent conversation with MTV, Jackson says his involvement with the movie is completely over, and you'll never guess the reason why. Read More...

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Irwin M. Fletcher is a master of disguise, which seems appropriate since the character has spent the past decade looking like everyone from Chevy Chase to Jason Lee to Ryan Reynolds and Zach Braff. After his next transformation, however, the cunning columnist from the "Fletch" series might just be wielding the perfectly-timed sarcasm skills of an "Office" star.

"Oh, wow, thank you, that's such a huge compliment," grinned John Krasinski this past weekend, reacting to the observation that his skills in the new flick "License to Wed" make him seem like an obvious choice to become a younger, hipper Fletch for his generation. "My name was tossed around a little bit for the role, and it's something that [I might consider]." Read More...

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Van Sant gets baked, Percy2Fletch, Steve Martin heads to France and more, in today's Dailies. Eat 'em up.

- Bill Murray returns for "City of Ember," a flicked based on young-adult mystery novel, about perpetually dark city illuminated solely by street lights. (Variety)

- Gus Van Sant to adapt Tom Wolfe's classic "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test." (Variety)

- "Dawson's Creek" star Joshua Jackson takes lead in "Fletch" remake? (IESB)

- Steve Martin set for "Pink Panther 2: The Sequel Nobody Asked For But At Least It's Not Another 'Father of the Bride.'" (Hollywood Reporter)

- Elizabeth Banks joins "A Tale of Two Sisters," a remake of a Korean horror film. (Hollywood Reporter)

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