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Marlin might have already found Nemo, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have a role to play in the upcoming "Finding Nemo 2." It's being reported that Albert Brooks will return as the father clownfish in the new movie.

Deadline has the news, though it's unclear what role Marlin will have in the movie. He'll rejoin original director Andrew Stanton and fellow voice actor Ellen DeGeneres in the upcoming flick.


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Patrick Stewart Olympics

The summer Olympics aren't just competitions for the world's top athletes. As this Funny or Die video with Patrick Stewart reveals, it's also the ultimate test for scalpers.

Also, Nemo gets "Taken," and find out what the "Toy Story" gang is up to in today's Dailies!


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Finding Nemo

By Meg Malone

Let the happy memories of swimming along with Marlin and Dory (well, minus a few perils of the ocean here and there) come flooding back, because there's some exciting news on the Pixar front. In an exclusive report, Deadline confirmed that Andrew Stanton will be back for the sequel to the 2003 underwater adventure, "Finding Nemo."

Stanton directed and also co-wrote the screenplay for the original "Finding Nemo," which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. He later directed "Wall-E," which also earned an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and more recently, Stanton directed the live-action "John Carter," which premiered in March but unfortunately wasn't as hot a box office commodity as was hoped.


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The Lion KingIt seems that the old saying "everything old is new again" holds true at the box office as well. After a successful run for "The Lion King," which hit theaters in 3-D last month for a limited run, Disney will release several more classic flicks to theaters.

The Associated Press reports that after the re-release of the beloved 1994 film has grossed about $80 million at the box office there are plans to release four more.

What will hit your local Cineplex? "Beauty and the Beast" arrives in January 2012 and "Finding Nemo" in September of that year. "Monsters Inc." will hit in January 2013 with "The Little Mermaid" following close behind in September 2013.


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ThorThe summer blockbuster season is rapidly approaching and the tweets are alive with excitement. Arguably, the first big film opens May 6th and comes in the form of a hammer-wielding warrior named "Thor." Leave it to Seth MacFarlane to point out the most exciting thing about the Norse God.

For us, summer blockbuster season usually means obnoxiously-excited-for-new-Pixar-movies season. We're counting down the days until "Cars 2," but one "Finding Nemo" star is upset that a sequel is not in her future.

Meanwhile, "Rio" slayed "Scream 4" at the box office this weekend and star Tracy Morgan finally gets his promotional groove on. And another comedian is celebrating Passover this year, albeit under a new name.

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 19th, 2011.


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Woody and Buzz will return in 'Toy Story 3'There are many, many reasons to love Pixar. First and foremost is that they’ve made nine consecutive instant classic films – a streak that will go to ten when the amazing “Up” opens later this month. But another is that they know what geeks want, and often insert Easter eggs and in-jokes for us fans.

Now, we’ve got the scoop on a top-secret “Up” bonus for eagle-eyed viewers: Pixar’s first peek at a never-before-seen character from 2010’s “Toy Story 3.”

“On ‘Monsters [Inc.]’, when Sulley is putting Boo back in her room, and he’s going to say goodbye to her, she hands him all these toys,” saidd Pete Docter, a director on “Up” and “Monsters,” and a writer on the “Toy Story” films. “One of them was this fish – which was Nemo – but nobody knew it at the time, because ‘[Finding] Nemo’ hadn’t come out yet. We have a similar thing [in ‘Up’].” Read More...

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Iron Man- What's the hold-up in bringing Jon Favreau back for "Iron Man 2"? Harry Knowles has a scandalous theory. (AICN)

- It's the end of the world as we know it, and they feel HIGH? Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel to star in "Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse. (Variety)

- Wolverine takes to the beaches of WWII in spoilerific new photos from the set of "X-Men" prequel. (Flickr)

- Disney/Pixar to offer movies online for free. This week, "Finding Nemo." (Disney)

- Hugh Hefner gives Robert Downey Jr. his full endorsement for upcoming biopic. (Coming Soon)

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