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G.I. JoeWith Cobra already on the rise, it's time to start looking towards "G.I. Joe 2." There's just one problem: the sequel lacks a director, following the official departure of Stephen Sommers earlier this year.

But the position won't be vacant for long, as two potential candidates have emerged: "The Italian Job" director F. Gary Gray and "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" helmer Jon M. Chu.

Latino Review got to the news first, and The Hollywood Reporter reiterated today that Gray and Chu are two of the top candidates for the "Joe" gig. Does that make either one of them the right fit for the franchise, though? You tell us – click past the jump and vote in our poll to tell us who you think should direct the "G.I. Joe" sequel!


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Oprah's announcement that her show may end its 25-season run in 2011 was almost enough to unseat "New Moon" as the top trending topic of the Twitter-Wood feed today. Kevin Nealon and Wil Wheaton both had a opinions on her possible bow out of syndication, while Eli Roth and Kevin Smith helped keep "Twilight" alive in Twitter conversation.

Two big names celebrated birthdays last night in very public fashion, as P. Diddy entertained a few folks on my follow list and Larry King got a little rowdy in my pick for Twitter Pic of the Day. Check that out after the jump along with Jeremy Piven's Calgary Flames trip and Danny DeVito's wholesome moment with Carrie Fisher. I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter-Wood report for November 20, 2009. Read More...

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"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" might as well have been a major Hollywood premiere last night, because Twitter-Wood was all over it and Ice-T even posted a shot of himself with the pair of nightvision goggles packaged with the game's Prestige Edition bundle. Other first-day buyers included Fred Durst, Diablo Cody, and possibly Michael Ian Black, whose snark is sometime difficult to see through.

In a follow-up tweet, Korey Tinsel revealed that she still doesn't have a dress for the "New Moon" premiere, so she may be forced to do something desperate. All of those tweets and more are waiting after the jump, along with an impressive home security camera video taken by producer Dana Brunetti that shows what happens when you try to steal plants from his yard. I'm @brianwarmoth and this is the Twitter-Wood report for November 10, 2009. Read More...

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Last summer, Variety reported that F. Gary Gray, whose "Law Abiding Citizen" hits theaters today, would direct a biopic covering soul singer Marvin Gaye. The life of the "What's Going On" songwriter was cut tragically short on April 1, 1984, when his father gunned him down.

Unfortunately, things have been pretty quiet since that initial announcement. So when Gray stopped by the MTV News offices recently, we couldn't help but ask what's going on with this biopic. The director blamed the hold-up on rights issues, calling "Marvin" a "passion project." He then addresses the camera directly with an appeal to rights-holder Berry Gordy: "Berry," he said, "if you want
the absolute very best Marvin Gaye movie put on the screen then call me."

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After last Friday's "cheese stands alone" release of "Couples Retreat," we're back this Friday with a range of options for moviegoers of all shapes and sizes. The big one of course is director Spike Jonze' adaptation of "Where the Wild Things Are." I can't really say that it's a kids movie, but anyone who holds their childhood memories of the book close will feel some strong nostalgia for Jonze' interpretation. It's weird and beautiful and oddly aimless; this is as perfect a pairing of director and source as there's ever been.

Next up is director F. Gary Gray's thriller "Law Abiding Citizen," starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. Butler plays a family man whose life is torn away from him after his wife and kids are murdered. Ten years after the tragic incident, the widow seeks revenge on the assistant district attorney (Foxx) who allowed the killers to go free. All from the confines of a jail cell. Did I mention that Butler's character is an inventor by trade? Read More...

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