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1. "The Final Destination" ($12 million three day, $15 million four day)
2. "All About Steve" ($11 million three day, $13 million four day)
3. "Inglourious Basterds" ($10.8 million three day, $13 million four day)
4. "Gamer" ($9 million three day, $11 million four day)
5. "District 9" ($6.2 million three day, $8 million four day)

Come on, did you really expect a guy named Steve to cheat Death? Whatever your expectations, it didn't happen -- the current four day forecast for the Labor Day box office weekend puts "The Final Destination" in first place over "All About Steve," the Bradley Cooper/Sandra Bullock-starring romantic comedy that opened this weekend. Read More...

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1. "The Final Destination" ($3.58 million)
2. "All About Steve" ($3.55 million)
3. "Gamer" ($3.3 million)
4. "Inglourious Basterds" ($3 million)
5. "District 9" ($1.7 million)

Last weekend, "The Final Destination" proved that not even Michael Myers could defeat the almighty Death itself. But this weekend tells the tale of a champion that could steal Death's top box office spot -- and that champion, ladies and gentlemen, is named Steve.

Preliminary estimates of Friday's box office intake show a fierce battle between "The Final Destination," the fourth and potentially final installment of the death-heavy horror franchise, and "All About Steve," the debuting romantic comedy starring Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock. "Destination" is edging the rom-com by such a slim margin that it's difficult to call a clear winner, a fact that is further complicated because "All About Steve" is playing in fewer theaters than the horror flick. All told, "Steve" has the better per screen average thus far. Read More...

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Really, readers? You heart "Gamer" and "Amreeka" this weekend? That's what the box office poll says, with both flicks tied for first at 46% of your votes apiece. "All About Steve" comes next, with 4%, and "Extract" after that, with 2%. The rest isn't even worth talking about. I'm curious to know what the draw is for "Amreeka." No snark here; I know very little about the movie, and I'd like to know why it's so popular with you all.

As far as the week on MTV Movies Blog goes, "Twilight" commands the majority of your views. What's odd is the age of some of the posts you're clicking on. I have to give a shout to for linking us. They're not the only ones of course, but they sent a lot of eyes over to MTV Movies Blog this past week and we all thank them for it. Hit the jump for the week's top five. Read More...

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Now that's a headline. There's no double-talk either. "Jackass" dude Johnny Knoxville and "Extract" writer/director Mike Judge sit down and proceed to get s--tfaced as Knoxville pumps the "Beavis and Butthead" creator for information on a variety of topics. Including "Beavis and Butthead." Check out the first part of the interview just below and the rest of it after the jump.


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FROM MTV.COM: Given that his new movie concerns a guy who owns a small company manufacturing flavor-extract food additives — cherry, vanilla, that sort of thing — you might wonder why writer-director Mike Judge didn't call it "Flavor of the Month," or something similarly zippy. But then the picture is very low on flavor ("Vanilla" would be a more descriptive title), so the usually astute Judge just called it "Extract," and has now lobbed it out into the late-summer cinematic wasteland.

Jason Bateman plays Joel, whose little company (called Reynold's, as if it were owned by someone named Reynold) is so successful that industry giant General Mills wants to buy it. The windfall from this sale would allow Joel to retire and devote more time to wheedling sex out of his uptight wife, Suzie (Kristen Wiig), who marks the approach of bedtime every night by donning a pair of tightly-knotted sweatpants.

Continue reading 'Extract': Tasteless, By Kurt Loder

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I wasn't terribly bummed out when Mike Judge's "Beavis and Butthead" cartoon ended its run in 1997. The show was funny but it never struck me the way, say, "The Simpsons" has. So I was pretty surprised when I watched the Beavis and Butthead/"Extract" video -- a movie written and directed by Judge, releasing today -- earlier this week and found myself totally into it all over again. There's something timeless about the chuckling duo, even if the music videos they once mocked have gone the way of the dodo.

What good timing then that Judge was asked about what the future of Beavis and Butthead is, in a recent interview with Cinema Blend's Katey Rich. Even better: there actually is a future for the bumbling idiots. Or there might be, at any rate. At the very least, it's something that Judge has given thought to and even put pen to paper on. Read More...

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Here's a little Vintage Vid from the 1999 press junket for Mike Judge's classic white-collar comedy, "Office Space." The writer/director's "Extract," which Judge has described as a sort of bosses' perspective reversal on "Office Space," hits theaters on Friday. Earlier today, MTV contributor John Constantine shared his thoughts on why he thinks "Extract" is another classic-in-the-making.

Back to today's Vintage Vid. In the below clip, which actually has nothing to do with the then-upcoming movie, Judge talks about "Beavis and Butthead" and how he tends to avoid doing their voices whenever he can. Then, of course, he slips into his Butthead voice for a brief moment. It's great. Enjoy.

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Mike JudgeIt’s a special thing when you see a great movie not knowing anything about it ahead of time. When my girlfriend and I ducked into a dank shopping mall movie theater to see “Office Space” back in 1999, we weren’t expecting anything special. I didn’t know that it was going to be one of the single best comedies made in the past twenty years. I also didn’t know it was made by the same dude who created “Beavis and Butthead.” Even after seeing it so many times, I can’t cram both efforts under the same creative umbrella.

Much of the humor in “Office Space” humor comes from the same place as “Beavis and Butthead,” especially the duo's big screen episode, “Beavis and Butthead Do America.” Watching the interplay between socially retarded morons and exasperated individuals with common sense is funny; it's the foundation for much of Judge's comedy. Read More...

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Check out how Beavis says "Fire!" with relish. Wasn't it funny when parents thought cartoons like "Beavis & Butthead" made their kids light fires? Now at least that blame is falling where it belongs: on the wide, sturdy back of the video game industry.

In the below clip, "Extract" director Mike Judge revives his controversial loser duo to showcase a pair of clips from the movie. I feel a little wistful at seeing MTV's former rabble-rousers doing their thing all over again. I only wish the video featured them commentating OVER each clip, as they used to do with music videos on the show. But then, I guess that would kinda defeat the purpose of what Judge is going for here. Savor your time with Beavis and Butthead... who knows when we'll get to see them again?

Master Bateman... love it. The world is a sadder place for your absence, Beavis and Butthead.

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The coming Labor Day weekend box office isn't marked by a single heavy-hitting blockbuster. Which isn't to say movie-goers don't have options. Even putting aside summer leftovers like "Inglourious Basterds," "District 9" and the past weekend's "Halloween II"/"The Final Destination" two-fer, the weekend brings several new offerings which service a wide cross-section of viewing tastes.

For the hopeless romantics and traditional date night-ers among us, there's "All About Steve," starring summer favorites Sandra Bullock ("The Proposal") and Bradley Cooper ("The Hangover"). When Mary Horowitz (Bullock) falls for her blind date, a news cameraman (Cooper), she sets off on a trip to follow him. Too bad he thinks she's a nutball. Read More...

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