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Paul Rudd may be "Our Idiot Brother," but he's also a guy we love to love.

A new theatrical trailer has hit the web for his upcoming flick "Our Idiot Brother," and it's definitely a lot more charming than the teaser we saw back in April. Rudd plays a good-hearted goofball whose kindness gets in the way of his brains most of the time, to humorous but disastrous results. Co-starring Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer and Zooey Deschanel as his sisters who are forced to take him in, the new trailer showcases the Rudd we all find so endearing more than previous promotional material has.


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There are plenty of things to be worried about for an actor when their film is about to premiere, but it's a whole different ball game when their film is about to premiere at a movie festival. Studios are there to purchase the actors' independent films, judges either criticize (or love) their film, and there are interviews upon interviews to conduct to promote the film.

The lovely female stars of "My Idiot Brother" -- Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer -- all have done their fair share of indie films, but they all admitted to MTV's Josh Horowitz that they got a bit nervous when they had to premiere their film into a large theater of people.

"I was really nervous last night," Mortimer said. "I sort of forgot to be nervous in the run up to coming. I was too worried about my outfits and what shoes to bring and what parties we were going to get invited to and then you get here..." Read More...

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Paul Rudd didn't look like his usual, clean-cut self when we visited him on set during his last day of filming the indie comedy "My Idiot Brother" this summer. In fact, sporting long hair, a bushy beard, cutoff shorts and a pair of bright orange Crocs, he looked like either a homeless man or the kind of guy who would follow Phish around on tour. That's because Rudd is playing the title character in the film and not, as you may have originally suspected, the idiot's less idiotic sibling. Check out what Rudd had to say about the film, which was directed by Jesse Peretz and debuts as this year's Sundance Film Festival, in the video below.

"I immediately go to jail for selling marijuana to a uniformed police officer," Rudd said of his character, an idealistic organic farmer who, in the wake of his incarceration, is forced to stay with each of his three sisters in turn. "However, the character is not dumb. The character just kind of appeals to everybody's higher angels and thinks that if he throws goodness out there, it will in turn come back." He's not exactly correct, as his attempts to sow happiness ultimately end up reaping a healthy amount of havoc. Read More...

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I'll admit, I don't know a whole lot about "City Island," from director Raymond De Felitta. My parents caught it last year at the Tribeca Film Festival and it was their favorite of the 'fest, which is enough of an endorsement for me. The comedy follows the family Rizzo, a dysfunctional crew who all have something to hide from one another. That all starts to change after an ex-con named Tony (Steven Strait) comes to live with the family.

"City Island" opens in theaters on March 19. You can find more on the flick and its cast -- which includes the talents of Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Emily Mortimer and Alan Arkin -- on the official website at What we exclusively have for you today is a shiny new poster featuring the family Rizzo and their new friend. The image up on the right is just a small snippet; hit the jump for the whole shebang. Read More...

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Michael CaineMichael Caine is one heck of an Alfred Pennyworth, the trusted, knowledgeable, ever wise servant in the two recent films about the dark knight. Who knew all that time helping Batman would rub off?

Caine is set to become something of a crusader (if not a caped one) himself in the recently announced "Harry Brown," the story of an elderly man driven to vigilante justice in a London neighborhood taken over by criminals.

"He's an ex-Marine who lives on a real crap estate in London full of junkies and pimps and hookers. And he becomes a vigilante because he has to or else they’re going to kill him," Caine said of his character, comparing him slightly to Charles Bronson in "Death Wish."


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