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"Prince Avalanche," the new movie from director David Gordon Green and starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, is not like any other film out this summer. First of all, two characters take up most of the screen time, and they spent the movie painting stripes on a burnt out highway in central Texas. Yet "Prince Avalanche" is one of the funniest and oddly fascinating movies of the year.

When MTV News sat down with Hirsch to discuss the movie, he revealed that the "project," as Green called it originally, came together in an appropriate unique fashion.

"I was working on a script of my own that I was thinking about trying to make micro-budget style, so I called David, and I asked him a couple of questions about it," Hirsch said. "I hadn't talked to David for years. I've known David for eight years. David calls me back the next day and says, 'Hey, by the way, I'm just putting together this random movie at the last minute.' He didn't even call it a movie. He said 'random project.' He goes, 'Would you maybe want to do it?' "


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Prince Avalanche

Before making three films in positioned squarely in the stoner comedy genre, director David Gordon Green specialized in small, idiosyncratic movies like "George Washington" and "All the Real Girls."

His latest film, "Prince Avalanche," which stars Emile Hirsch and Paul Rudd, is Green's attempt to strip away the excess of his last three theatrical efforts and get back to the basics of what he likes to do.

The first trailer for "Prince Avalanche" gives you a sense of the humor at work in the Sundance hit and makes us incredibly excited for the film's release on August 9.

Watch the first trailer for "Prince Avalanche" after the jump!


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"The Darkest Hour" has come to San Diego Comic-Con, but things certainly look bright for the new Summit Entertainment sci-fi flick.

Stars Emile Hirsch, Max Minghella and Joel Kinnaman were joined by director Chris Gorak and producers Tom Jacobson and Monnie Willis at a special press presentation to show off the production art for the upcoming alien invasion movie. "The Darkest Hour" plays around with the concept of an extraterrestrial assault both visually and in terms of its style.

"It's an alien movie, but it's kind of pretty different I think. I'm not worried about people confusing it with the other ones," said Minghella. "It's really a human story about these five characters trying to survive in this completely fucked environment."


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John C. ReillyWith the mystery of who will play "The Hunger Games" heroine Katniss Everdeen long over, the question of who will star as the important supporting characters still looms.

As Elizabeth Banks closes in on the over-the-top Effie Trinket, Hollywood Crush reports that Oscar-nominee John C. Reilly is in contention for the part of the boozy, but vital, "Hunger Games" ex-champ and mentor Haymitch Abernathy. Reilly, an inspired and more than well-suited choice for the role, would beat out the likes of other rumored Haymitch contenders such as Hugh Laurie.

Check out the rest of Monday's biggest casting news after the jump, including Sam Raimi's push to have Hilary Swank head to "Oz"!


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FROM MTV.COM: The dramatic journey to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, to raise awareness about the global clean-water crisis will be documented in an MTV special titled "Summit on the Summit: Kilimanjaro." The 90-minute documentary, which will air at 9 p.m. ET on March 14, follows musicians Kenna, Santigold and Lupe Fiasco, actors Jessica Biel, Emile Hirsch and Isabel Lucas and a group of scientists and activists on their journey to the top of the highest peak in Africa as they learn about water issues and climb through snow, sleet, rain and treacherous terrain on their way to 19,340 feet.

While the January climb was chronicled on through tweets, photos and video in real time, the documentary will provide never-before-seen footage and insight into the climb while spotlighting the urgency of water issues.

Continue reading Jessica Biel, Kenna's Treacherous Trek Featured In 'Summit On The Summit'

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While talking to Emile Hirsch this week about his new movie “Taking Woodstock,” got some new details on the actor’s upcoming reunion with “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke. The two previously worked together on “Lords of Dogtown,” and now they’re closely collaborating on a modernized version of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

Hirsch, who helped conceive of the idea of this college-set take on the tragic play, mentioned a film he’s looking to for inspiration. “It’s almost like mixing ‘Hamlet’ with ‘The Shining’ a little bit,” he told, “and making this kind of scary-cool vision of the play.” Read More...

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Catherine HardwickeBy now you've surely read the news that "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke will be taking on a contemporized version of William Shakespeare's "Hamlet," and the Emile Hirsch has been tapped for the starring role. Hardwicke credits Hirsch for the story idea, which brings Hamlet's story "to a small East Coast liberal arts college where Hamlet's father is the president." The story will open with Hirsch's character returning home to attend dear old dad's funeral.

That's really all we know so far. Hardwicke will direct, once she's finished writing the script with Ron Nyswaner. Hirsch will star, though the contemporized setting could mean a shift away from the name 'Hamlet.' The character is universally known however, as is the rest of "Hamlet"'s colorful cast. And seeing as how Hardwicke is tapped in to all of these hot, young stars after her work on "Twilight," we can't help but wonder who among them she might tap for the other major roles. Read More...

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Emile HirschCatherine Hardwicke and her "Lords of Dogtown" star Emile Hirsch are reuniting for a trip to the rotten state of Denmark. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hirsch is set to play Hamlet in Hardwicke's big screen adaptation of the Shakespeare play.

Of course, they won't really be going to Denmark. Hirsch helped develop a modern retelling that will deal with the same themes -- a young man who must decide whether or not to avenge his father's murder by killing his uncle -- but will take place in contemporary America. Don't expect a lot of "To be or not to be" soliloquies, as this "Hamlet" will sport a new script penned by Ron Nyswaner ("Philadelphia"). Joining Hirsch and Hardwicke are "Milk" producers Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, who say their goal is "to present the story as a suspense thriller. We want to make it exciting and accessible for an audience today." Read More...

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Sean Penn in 'Milk'Reporting by Josh Horowitz

Long before Sarah Palin was talking crazy or banks were going out of business faster than “We Sell it on eBay” stores, a truly bizarre political scandal erupted in 1970’s San Francisco, changing politics forever. We’ve already written extensively about the December release “Milk," and when we recently caught up with super-producer/Focus Features Co-President James Schamus, he promised that our enthusiasm over the Sean Penn biopic was justified.

“He’s just channeling him; it’s crazy. He is Harvey Milk,” Schamus said of the Oscar-winner’s performance as America’s first openly-gay politician. “Go online and look at Harvey Milk and look at the trailer, and it’s like we hired Harvey Milk.”

Co-starring Josh Brolin, Emile Hirsch and James Franco (who reportedly shares a kissing scene with Penn), the film tells the true tale of a larger-than-life man who ran for office seeking tolerance and equality, then became a martyr for the gay movement after being shot down by a Twinkie-loving madman. Read More...

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