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Elizabeth TaylorFrom "The Taming of the Shrew" and "Cleopatra" to her status as a world-class celebrity, there's no question that we already miss Elizabeth Taylor terribly.

Our friends at Next Movie wrote a lovely piece about Taylor and her impact on Hollywood as a whole, perfectly describing her legacy in saying: "When the memory of today's award-winners and attention-grabbers fades into the ether, [Taylor's] will linger, still electric, forever dazzling. A star." It's a must-read for Taylor's fans and celebrity enthusiasts everywhere.

There are more headlines out there today beyond Taylor's sad passing. After the jump, find out which "Chronicles of Narnia" film is coming next, how you can spend the next year waiting for "The Hunger Games" and what the status is on the developing "Dune" adaptation.


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DESC"Taken" and "From Paris With Love" director Pierre Morel is shaking the Spice on "Dune," the upcoming adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novels. We've known that for a little while now, so nothing new there. What is new, however, is that a brand new screenwriter is coming on board to help Morel overhaul the initial Peter Berg script.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Chase Palmer has been hired to tackle the "Dune" script for Paramount's planned adaptation. According to the report, Palmer will integrate Morel's ideas into the story, which should result in a movie experience fairly close to the source material. Read More...

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One of the bigger coups in Hollywood at the beginning of this year was the "Dune" adaptation's changing of hands from Peter Berg to "Taken" director Pierre Morel. Frank Herbert's classic sci-fi series has floundered in the world of film since David Lynch famously made things weird with his 1984 interpretation of the story. Syfy did a more faithful miniseries years later, but "Dune" hasn't really ever gotten a proper big screen treatment for mass audiences.

Morel has spoken to MTV a little about his plans since the news emerged, and, being a big fan, I've liked what he's had to say. It's all still very early in the process of course, but it's clear from listening to the guy that he is a fan of the series and that understands there's a spotty history to make good on. Morel spoke on "Dune" again recently with IGN, and while it's still too early for any specific details on what his plans are, he further elaborated on where in the process he is now. Read More...

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Both stars have been around for a long time and given us a lot of movies we love; in 1994, they finally came together, resulting in the instant classic “Pulp Fiction.” Now, John Travolta and Bruce Willis are teaming once again for the new action movie “From Paris With Love” – the only difference is that, this time around, Bruce probably isn’t aware of it.

“John is great, because he likes playing with his image,” Pierre Morel, director of "From Paris," "Taken" and the upcoming "Dune" adaptation explained to us recently. “He likes doing different characters every time.” Read More...

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Recently, we spoke with red-hot “Taken” filmmaker Pierre Morel about his high-profile plans to take over the “Dune” franchise. A die-hard Frank Herbert fan, Morel insisted he was going to be "very respectful" to the original novel. Now, we present the second part of our interview, in which the energetic director reveals specific plans for what how he intends to translate the beloved sci-fi series for wide audience.

“Like many people, I was not fully satisfied with David Lynch’s movie in 1984,” Morel told us in a recent phone interview. “I do respect David, and I think his interpretation and vision was interesting, but not what we [fans] expected. And I thought I’d give it a chance, try to do this, make it faster and more modern. I think that now, in 2010, we have the technology to achieve much more than David could do twenty-five years ago. I think it will be cool to try something different.” Read More...

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Ever since he landed the role of “Dune” director last week all eyes have been on high-octane “Taken” filmmaker Pierre Morel. On Monday, the red-hot filmmaker called us from Paris and filled MTV News in on his plans for a spice-filled reinvention.

“As a David Lynch movie, I loved it,” he said of the 1984 “Dune” adaptation by the famously trippy “Twin Peaks” filmmaker. “As a ‘Dune’ fan, I was not such a big fan.”

Instead, Morel plans on taking his movie in a very different direction – and back to the roots of the groundbreaking 1965 book that is reportedly the best-selling sci-fi novel of all time. Read More...

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The arrival of "Taken" director Pierre Morel on the planet Arrakis is the latest development in the twisty history of a big screen remake of "Dune." Based on the 1965 sci-fi novel, David Lynch's version—awesomely weird, or just plain weird, depending on your sensibilities—arrived in 1984. Little over two decades later, rumors that a second cinematic take was in the works.

In the fall of 2007, Ain't It Cool News suggested that "Friday Night Lights" director Peter Berg was Paramount's top choice to helm the remake. That December, MTV News exclusively confirmed the news. Read More...

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We've known for awhile now that Peter Berg is going to be too busy with other commitments -- like "Battleship" -- to direct the long-awaited adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic sci-fi novel "Dune." As they say in the book however, the Spice must flow. And flow it will, as Paramount has hired a new director to step in for Berg.

The new blood is Pierre Morel, according to a report from EW's Hollywood Insider. director of "Taken," the movie in which -- as MTV Newsroom editor Kyle Anderson puts in -- Liam Neeson shoots the entire population of France in the face. Morel also directed the parkour-flavored "District B13" and the upcoming John Travolta-starring action flick, "From Paris With Love," and he served as the cinematographer on popcorn action fare like "The Transporter," "War" and "Unleashed." Read More...

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Yesterday, the discovery of 32 planets outside of Earth's solar system was announced by an international team of scientists. The existence of these planets — dubbed "exoplanets," short for "planets outside of our solar system" — should only further the line of thinking that we are not alone in this universe, even if our other neighbors are uninhabited planets in galaxies far, far away.

But what if they're not uninhabited? Indeed, what if these planets aren't even unfamiliar? The Movies Blog team happens to have a well-connected source close to the discovery of the exoplanets, and we can exclusively confirm that at least five of these brave new worlds have been featured in past, present and future works of fiction!

Okay, that's a lie. But let's put our "make believe" hats on for a moment and imagine that these five fictional planets were counted amongst the newly discovered exoplanets... Read More...

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Is Peter Berg's adaptation of the sci-fi classic "Dune" going to happen? Almost two years have passed since the director confirmed his involvement with the project, a potential third take on Frank Herbert's 1965 novel after David Lynch's '84 movie and a Sci Fi Channel miniseries in 2000. While a first draft of the script has been completed, we were starting to wonder if Berg's "Dune" was one of those tantalizing cinematic possibilities that just never became a big screen reality.

Not so, Berg told MTV News. "Dune" is very much on—and to prove it, the director shared some details about what he has planned. Read More...

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