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With numerous vampire-centric franchises currently existing in the film and television worlds—yes, we're looking at you "Twilight," "True Blood" and "The Vampire Diaries"—there's an understandable amount of in-fighting between fans of these different properties, every one of them arguing in favor of their brand of choice.

But with so much time spent on the struggle within the vampire community, perhaps fans are overlooking a greater threat—a threat that comes from outer space.

We're talking, of course, about aliens. They're not bug-eyed and green-skinned, but the aliens you'll see in "I Am Number Four," arriving in theaters today, are no less dangerous—and they're certainly no less sexy than some of your favorite bloodsucking vamps. Indeed, the arrival of "I Am Number Four" already had our friends at Hollywood Crush asking if Alex Pettyfer is the new Robert Pattinson, and now we're curious... could aliens become pop culture's new vampires?


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Remember James Frey, author of "A Million Little Pieces"? Yeah, he's the guy Oprah ripped a new one for passing that off as a memoir when it was mostly fiction. Turns out, making stuff up is a good talent to have: "I Am Number Four," the best-selling sci-fi novel Frey subsequently co-wrote with Jobie Hughes, is bound for the big screen courtesy of "Disturbia" director DJ Caruso. And its interest-piquing new trailer just debuted on Yahoo.

The plot centers on nine infant aliens who are sent to Earth when their planet is destroyed, develop super powers and are hunted by the Mogadorians (the evil guys who trashed their home). Hmm ... sounds eerily similar to this little movie we once saw called "Superman 2." But, hey, we loved that flick, so we're not complaining. Read More...

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The movie isn't out until February 2011, but "I Am Number Four" the book hits stores next week on August 3. I read it several weeks ago and can't recommend it highly enough; it's an easy, fun sci-fi read, one that can be enjoyed equally by teens and adults.

The story follows a young human-like alien from the planet Lorien, which was destroyed some years ago the Mogadorians, by a marauding race of invaders. Lorien's last hope lies with nine babies who are sent to go into hiding on the planet Earth. Each one is assigned a guardian/teacher and each will develop a range of superhuman powers as they advance into their adult years. As an added twist, each of the nine is assigned a number; the Mogadorians can hunt them all down, but the surviving Lorien children can only be killed in the order of their numbers.

That's the basic setup. "Disturbia" director D.J. Caruso is busy shooting the adaptation right now in Pittsburgh, along with stars Alex Pettyfer as the titular Number Four, Timothy Olyphant as the boy's guardian, Teresa Palmer as fellow alien refugee Number Six and "Glee" star Dianna Agron as high school sweetheart Sarah. Amidst a busy shooting schedule, Caruso took some time out to chat exclusively with MTV about how things are coming along. Read More...

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"I Am Number Four" is an intriguing project for a number of reasons. It's an adaptation of a a young adult novel co-written by James Frey, controversial author of "A Million Little Pieces." Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg are producing it. On top of all that, the still-growing cast includes Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer and Kevin Durand. Now MTV has learned that one more has joined the cast: "Percy Jackson" star Jake Abel.

The story follows nine aliens who survive the destruction of their homeworld at the hands of a rival race. The group flees to Earth, where they proceed to blend in among the human populace. Trouble starts when the enemy pursues the fugitive aliens to their hiding place. Pettyfer stars as the titular Number Four, who poses as a high school student. Abel confirmed to MTV that he'll play one of Pettyfer's social rivals. Read More...

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Last summer, just as "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" was arriving in theaters, news emerged that director Michael Bay would produce and maybe direct an adaptation of the James Frey/Joby Hughes young adult novel "I Am Number Four," the first in a series of six planned books about an alien in hiding on Earth -- Ohio, to be precise -- while forces unknown hunt him.

Two months later, it was revealed that Al Gough and Miles Millar, creators of TV's "Smallville," had been hired to adapt the book into a usable script. The latest word is that Bay won't be directing; if I had to guess, it's because he's busy with the next "Transformers" movie. D.J. Caruso will step in to take the reins instead, The Hollywood Reporter reveals. Read More...

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It's common knowledge that video games have had a rough go of things in Hollywood. It's still a young entertainment medium -- comparing them chronologically to film, games have really only reached their "talkie" phase -- but a story is a story, and games really just haven't been adapted very well. That hasn't stopped filmmakers from trying to crack the code though.

There was some promise in "Halo," which Peter Jackson was going to produce and "District 9" helmer Neill Blomkamp was going to direct. Until it fizzled out, that is. The next great hope on the horizon is "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," which hits theaters next May. Both of these games have rich, well-developed stories. "Twilight" producer Wyck Godfrey, who has his hands on adaptations of "Gears of War" and "Dead Space," argues that the big problem with game adaptations thus far is related mostly to the source narratives. Read More...

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James Tiberius Kirk already cheated his way to victory in the Kobayashi Maru test, and now he's putting his fast-thinking talents towards making money — well, his real life persona is, at least.

According to Variety, "Star Trek" actor Chris Pine is teaming up with "Eagle Eye" director D.J. Caruso for "The Art of Making Money," an adaptation of reporter Jason Kersten's fact-based novel "The Art of Making Money: The Story of a Master Counterfeiter." Frank Baldwin — no apparent relation to Alec, Daniel, William and Stephen — is writing the script.

The title refers not just to the creative component of moneymaking, but also to the story's central figure of Art Williams Jr., presumably played by Pine. The novel focuses on the real-life counterfeiter who conjured millions of dollars in false bills thanks to his amazing attention to artistic detail. Read More...

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Dead SpaceThere's tons and tons of Comic-Con news to report, but this is a juicy news item I just couldn't bear to overlook. Electronic Arts' "Dead Space" is one of my favorite video games of 2008. It feels like the bastard love-child of "Event Horizon" and "Aliens," half-head trip and half-"oh my god, zombie-aliens are trying to rip my face off!"

The multimedia-savvy video game publisher behind the hit "Madden" and "Sims" franchises is now looking to Hollywood for a "Dead Space" movie. Variety reports that EA has already nailed down a director -- "Eagle Eye" helmer D.J. Caruso -- and a production partner in Temple Hill. The writing team and overall creative direction for the project is being sussed out next; once that phase is complete, EA will grant "Dead Space" to the highest bidding studio. This echoes the publisher's plan of attack with the still unreleased "Dante's Inferno." Read More...

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