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Josh HartnettI recently caught one of the first-ever screenings of "30 Days of Night" (so new, in fact, that writer Steve Niles was seeing it for the first time), and it's a top contender for bloodiest movie of the year. Whether it's bloody good or bloody mediocre is an argument for another day - but after the screening Niles and director David Slade had some bloody interesting things to say about the Josh Hartnett flick.

"Every year, I'd check the paper just about the time [northern Alaska] goes dark, and there was always a little human interest piece about it," Niles said of the inspiration behind the comic-turned-movie. "[I read that] alcohol wasn't legal -- you could bring it into town, but they couldn't sell it there because of the increased suicide rate -- and I was like 'God, what kind of people live in this place?' So I tore it out -- this is like 12 years ago -- and I wrote 'Vampires' on the corner." Read More...

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'Neverwhere' (BBC Version)When I caught up with Neil Gaiman recently (watch our complete "Rough Cut" interview here), I had only about a hundred questions to ask about probably just as many projects, but only 30 minutes in which to ask them.

So what do you do when the crew is wrapping after the cameras have stopped rolling? Ask more questions! That's how we're able to add "Neverwhere" to the list of Neil Gaiman works about to be adapted to the big screen -- despite its placement in development hell all these years. Many people who have read the book think the BBC "Neverwhere" miniseries was an adaptation, but it's the other way around: Neil wrote it for the small screen, and started writing the book on set (in the never-seen kitchen of Richard Mayhew's apartment). Probably because he knew the low budget series, which was shot on video but lit for film, was going to look like a cheesy soap opera from the '80s.

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