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There's one person on planet Earth having a better time today than Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rogers. His name is Max Page and he's the six-year-old kid who starred in arguably Sunday night's funniest commercial, a Volkswagen ad in which he appears in full Darth Vader garb, attempting to use the Force on everything from a sandwich to the family dog.

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Page and his mom appeared on "Today" this morning for an interview that was too adorable for words. Turns out Page is a regular on "The Young and the Restless," playing the spawn of a predictably dysfunctional twosome. He's also appeared in two regional commercials, one for Clear Communications and another for Walgreens. Smiling delightfully throughout his interview with Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira, Page said that friends have been asking for his autograph and wondering, perhaps because the Super Bowl spot aired after their bedtimes, where they can see the commercial themselves.


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Bruce Willis in 'Die Hard'Who is the greatest big screen badass of all time? Big question. I know. Is it Darth Vader or John McClane? Ellen Ripley or Dirty Harry? Wolverine or Batman?!? These are the questions that can try a man's soul. But we don't shrink from a fight here at MTV News so we're endeavoring to settle the argument once and for all.

Yes, MTV News is spending the next month wrestling with the question of who the baddest badass of all is and luckily we're not alone. We're getting awesome celebrity experts sending top ten badass lists in as I write this. But it's not just up to us and celebrities to determine who this mean sonofabitch is. You get a vote too! That's right, just fill in the form below and tell us who YOU THINK the greatest badass in movie history is and why? Every vote counts! We're going to tabulate everything and bring you the collective top ten list on February 6th LIVE at New York Comic-Con. That's right, a live event wherein MTV News will host big name panel to argue and announce once and for all who the GREATEST BADASS is. Vote now (after the jump)! Read More...

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