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The end of the world isn't a laughing matter until you gather the likes of Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Jay Baruchel, and Craig Robinson at James Franco's house and watch them try to make the best of the end of days.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz was lucky enough to make a trip down to the New Orleans set of "This Is the End" and talk with the stars about playing skewed versions of themselves.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the visit to the set of "This Is the End" is Danny McBride's level of preparedness. Did you hear what he said? He's been getting ready for the end of the world since the day he was born.

That's dedication.

"This Is the End" opens in theaters on June 14.

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Danny McBride is hardly a stranger to the mad house that is MTV's After Hours, and while he's forced beer down fearless host Josh Horowitz's throat in the past, it's his own belly he should be worrying about in this latest round… because in today's After Hours, McBride goes up against world famous competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi in a pizza-eating throw down!

Luckily, Danny isn't alone — he's got Josh on his side for back-up, though based on his performance, we feel pretty confident in saying that McBride could have taken Kobayashi on all on his own and produced a similar result. See the ultimate chow-down for yourself in the latest episode of After Hours.

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"We're not terrorists!"

So promised Nick Swardson on the set of "30 Minutes or Less," as he and costar Danny McBride attempted to explain what they were doing, just minutes earlier, in a junk yard in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a crossbow in one of their hands and a detonator in another. Take after take, they blew up watermelons with some homebrewed explosives and yelled f-bomb-laden tough talk.

No, terrorists they are not — just misguided fellows with an outlandish idea: kidnap a pizza delivery boy, strap a bomb to his chest and make him rob a bank. And that, in an action-comedy nutshell, is the plot of "30 Minutes," the Ruben Fleischer-directed flick that hits theaters on August 12.

"They're against terrorists. I mean, would you invite these guys over to your house with your family? Probably not," McBride explained. "They just want to be loved. Whether it takes a bomb or bank robbery to get there."


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Ladies and gentlemen, Aziz Ansari's headed to space.

Not literally, of course — that would require one heck of a production budget — but the "30 Minutes or Less" and "Parks & Recreation" comedian is preparing to launch into outer orbit for a new comedy, he revealed to MTV News during Sneak Peek Week.

"[Director Jason Woliner and I] are actually writing this idea about me and another guy playing two disgraced astronauts that have to go back to the moon to clear their names," teased Ansari. Casting for the other role remains unannounced — though I'm casting my vote for Ben Schwartz, aka Jean-Ralphio on "Parks & Rec," to play Ansari's buddy-spaceman — but Ansari says that development is "going really well" so far.

Beyond the space comedy, Ansari's working on another big project called "Olympic-Sized A—hole," co-starring his fellow "30 Minutes of Less" star Danny McBride.


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MTV's Josh Horowitz has been floating around show business for a while, but that doesn't mean he's got this interviewing thing totally under control.

Or, at least that's what he wants us to believe in the latest MTV Movie Awards edition of After Hours, in which Josh performs a series of interview faux pas with a variety of our favorite movie stars from Danny McBride to Olivia Wilde, and it doesn't end up so well for him. Future interviewers, a word to the wise: Cameron Diaz doesn't like your butt in her face and Keanu Reeves could do without you suggesting he change his name.


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By Ryan J. Downey

Aziz Ansari has delivered brilliant one-liners, barbs and tomfoolery in small supporting roles in movies like "Get Him to the Greek" (2010), "Funny People" (2009) and "I Love You, Man" (2009). But "30 Seconds or Less" sticks the 28 year-old South Carolina-born standup comic in multiple scenes, providing a welcome expansion of the "Parks and Recreation" star's movie screen-time.

Speaking with MTV News at a Q&A following a Sneak Peek Week screening of "30 Seconds or Less" (which costars Jesse Eisenburg, Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) at Los Angeles' Pacific Design Center, last year's MTV Movie Awards host told us about the pressures of tackling a leading role.

"I had to shoot a lot more since I was in the movie more," he pointed out. "It was a lot of work."


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What would you do if you were abducted by gorilla mask-wearing criminals, forced to strap a bomb to your chest and told to go rob a bank or else incur a terrible, fiery demise? If your name's Jesse Eisenberg, you'd go give your best pal Aziz Ansari a call.

MTV News visited the set of "30 Minutes or Less" late last year and got the inside scoop on everything you want to know about "Zombieland" director Ruben Fleischer's latest comedy. Eisenberg stars in the film as a pizza delivery guy who finds himself in the exact predicament outlined above, and he quickly realizes that getting out of such a situation is going to require some outside assistance — which is where Ansari comes in.


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Danny McBride fans, stand up! Your favorite “Foot Fist Way” and “Eastbound & Down” star and co-writer karate chops the big screen today in “Your Highness.”

McBride brings his trademark stoner slacker style to the medieval fantasy genre as Thadeous, a prince comfortably living in the shadow of his heroic and accomplished older brother Fabious (James Franco). When Fabious’ bride-to-be Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel) is kidnapped by the villainous, power-hungry Leezar (Justin Theroux), the duo forgoes their sibling rivalry and teams up on a quest to defeat their enemy and save Fabious’ betrothed, meeting vigilante Isabel (Natalie Portman) along the way.

“At the end of the day, when you’re involved with a movie like this, you want the audience to kind of let go and be able to follow,” McBride recently told MTV News of the "Your Highness" cast. “Even finding humor in a guy who has to fulfill his prophecy and he has all these pressures put upon him by his parental figures, we were just trying to find the humanity in the comedy.”

Indeed, there are some A-list players involved in the side-splitting, traditional medieval archetype-busting “Your Highness,” and they bring their respective smarts to the table. Here are five of the key reasons you should worship “Your Highness.”


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Of the many reasons to adore "Pineapple Express," the bromance between James Franco and Danny McBride stands at the top of the pile. We'll get to see those comedic powerhouses join forces again soon when their medieval fantasy stoner comedy "Your Highness" lights up theaters (literally and figuratively) on April 8.

We're sure that many of you have looked at the dynamic between Franco and McBride with some jealousy in your hearts, wondering what exactly you would have to do to carve out a place for yourself in that abundantly awesome friendship. Well, intrepid MTV reporter Josh Horowitz dug into that very question in the latest edition of After Hours, called "Male Bondage."

What he learned will frighten, astonish and amaze you. Watch the video for the results and click past the jump to read what he endured on the road to friendship.


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Tobey Maguire and Elizabeth Banks in the DetailsThe Sundance Film Festival kicks off in snowy Park City, Utah, today, bringing with it the promise of high-wattage celebrity sightings, single-digit temperatures and the best independent films the movie biz has to offer.

As in years past, the MTV News crew will be on the scene on Main Street, which during the festival just might boast the highest number of celebrities per square foot of any place in the world (yes, including Hollywood). We'll be reporting back with reviews of the fest's most anticipated films, covering red carpet premieres, interviewing A-list stars and hitting up all the biggest parties and swag suites. In short, we'll be your eyes and your ears on the snow-covered ground in Park City.

Among the actors and filmmakers jetting into town to promote buzzed-about films are Paul Rudd, Tobey Maguire, Ed Helms, Elizabeth Banks, Demi Moore, John C. Reilly and Kevin Smith.


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