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Brendan FraserIt's a pairing made in tomb raider heaven. Brendan Fraser, man of all those Mummy installments, will finally pair up on screen with his archeological predecessor, Harrison Ford. But if you were actually hoping to see them fight mummies and dig for treasure, well, that will have to wait for your fan fiction. According to industry magazine Production Weekly (via ComingSoon), they're pairing up for the medical drama "Crowley."

The drama is based on the true story of John and Aileen Crowley, whose two children suffered from a rare genetic disorder. Rather than watch their children die, the desperate parents contacted a researcher who was developing a potential cure. Ford will play the researcher, and Fraser will play the father, John Crowley. Read More...

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Harrison FordIt's been a rough few years for longtime admirers of Harrison Ford. There was "Hollywood Homicide" and "K19: The Widowmaker" (which had the distinction of actually being worse than it's horrible title made it sound) and we're going to take the high road and not even get into "Firewall." But thankfully maybe the massive box office success of the four "Indiana Jones" this past summer will propel Mr. Ford to bigger and better things once again? Maybe?

Ford told us about the progress of a fifth Indy film the other day but before that one gets off the ground he told us he's set his sights on one of two projects: "I have a comedy that’s been developed by J.J. Abrams and a drama that I developed that talks about the pharmaceutical industry. We haven’t sorted out which is first yet." Read More...

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Robert Downey Jr.- Tony Stark appears in new ad for "The Incredible Hulk." (/film)

- Speaking of Mr. Stark, "Iron Man 2" to begin filming in March 2009, says Terrence Howard. (

- Harrison Ford joins "Crowley," the story of a doctor who fights seemingly incurable diseases. (Variety)

- I just can't quit you. Oscar winning "Brokeback Mountain" to become an opera. (Playbill)

- Golden Gods. Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon topline new romantic comedy from Cameron Crowe. (Variety)

- Andrew Stanton cops to writing "John Carter of Mars" for Pixar. (Pixar Blog)

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