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Cullen CrestWhen the bat-signal flies high in the sky, you know that Bruce Wayne is about to come around the corner and save the day. The Transformers use theirs to distinguish the Autobots from the Decepticons. Bands (The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag), people (Prince, Ron Paul) and ideals (Peace, Smiley-ness) use symbols every day.

Now, the bloodsucking beauties from "Twilight" are ready to join the ranks of the symbolic - and MTV has your first look at The Cullen Crest.

"This is something that's not in the book; it's a little detail in the movie that you are going to glimpse at," explained Peter Facinelli, showing us Carlisle's finger jewelry. "It's a family crest - the Cullen family crest - and each one of us carry it. Mine is in the form of a ring, some of the kids have it on as a bracelet, some have a pendant. Each one of us carries the family Cullen crest."

Designed by director Catherine Hardwicke and her team, the shamrocks-and-lions-powered crest was presented to stars like Facinelli and Nikki Reed, who were then allowed to choose the jewelry their character would wear. Read More...

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