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Red DawnThe "Red Dawn" reboot has already changed its targeted enemy from Russia to China, but the latest change is perhaps the most drastic of them all.

"Red Dawn," which completed filming quite a while ago, will now feature North Korean bad guys instead of Chinese villains, according to the Los Angeles Times. The report states that MGM made its decision so as to avoid issues with foreign distribution in the all-important Chinese market. The plan is to digitally replace Chinese flags and military symbols and altering dialogue to now refer to North Korea.

There's more news out there in movie land, so click on after the jump to find out about Tom Hanks' latest flick, what Matt Reeves has to say about "Cloverfield 2" and whether or not Johnny Knoxville is really in "The Three Stooges" remake after all.


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'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'In the spirit of the old adage, "No news is good news," the filmmakers behind "Cloverfield" — director Matt Reeves, Writer Drew Goddard and Producer J.J. Abrams — are still thinking about a sequel. They just haven't put any words to paper yet.

MTV News caught up with Reeves today to chat about the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of "Let Me In" (expect more detailed info on those special features — specifically the car crash sequence — soon) and naturally had to ask about the progress on "Cloverfield 2."

"We would love to do it, we just haven’t figured out the idea that we want to do yet," Reeves said honestly. "J.J. [Abrams] has been very busy with 'Super 8' and he’s really busy with it now, obviously because they’ve got a release date to make and he’s busily working in editorial," he explained.


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Want to know what JJ Abrams' super-secret "Super 8" is about?

JJ's pal, "Cloverfield" and "Let Me In" director Matt Reeves, knows. In fact, he's one of the anointed few lucky enough to have read the script. The only problem is, he's not really at liberty to discuss it.

That said, in a recent chat with MTV's Josh Horowitz, Reeves took a detour from promoting his new vampire thriller/drama "Let Me In" (in theaters now) to drop a couple hints about "Super 8." Though he prefaced the discussion by saying, "I won't reveal anything; if I did, I'd probably disappear from the face of the Earth," Reeves kindly went on to reveal that "[the movie] is very, very intimately connected to an aspect of [Abrams'] childhood and to this idea of Super 8 [films]."

"Intimately connected" to Abrams' childhood, you say, Matt? Interesting. Abrams has gone on record as saying "Super 8" will be set in Ohio in 1979 and be an homage to the Steven Spielberg science-fiction films of the '70s and '80s. Translation: Expect something to do with extraterrestrials. Beyond that, your guess is as good as ours. Read More...

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Director Matt Reeves did something really fascinating with "Cloverfield" in giving us a "monster invades city" movie told from the perspective of a small group of fleeing citizens. The people who are usually staring down the gullet of a massive destructive force instead take centerstage. The results are quite suspenseful.

MTV spoke to Reeves recently about his upcoming "Let the Right One In" remake, "Let Me In," but we managed to squeeze in a few questions about the status of the frequently asked about "Cloverfield" sequel. Reeves admitted that both himself and producer J.J. Abrams are focused on other things right now, but there's definitely still a strong interest in returning to that universe. Read More...

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A Nightmare on Elm Street-- Freddy's back for a "Nightmare on Elm Street" sequel, possibly in 3-D, as Warner distribution president Dan Fellman says: "We don't have a story yet, but this is the largest horror opening in the April-May corridor, and it just proves there's a lot left in the franchise." [The Wrap]

-- Rumors are circulating that a trailer for a J.J. Abrams project called "Super 8," which may or may not be a sequel to "Cloverfield," will premiere in front of "Iron Man 2." Who knows if there's any truth to the rumor, though director Matt Reeves recently acknowledged "spikes in activity" regarding the project. [HitFix]

-- Michael Keaton loves talking about playing Ken in "Toy Story 3," and we love hearing him talk about it. "Ken actually serves as kind of a concierge — somewhere between a tour guide, a concierge, maitre d' and ambassador," he says. "He's not only alone in his dream house but probably alone in the dream." Glorious. [Hero Complex] Read More...

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CloverfieldOn January 18th, 2008, "Cloverfield" wreaked havoc upon the citizens of New York City and theatergoers nationwide — and it left fans of horror and monster movies wanting more. But given the secretive nature that surrounded the J.J. Abrams-produced project, there have been very few words offered on the status of a possible "Cloverfield" sequel.

Over the weekend at South By Southwest, MTV's very own Josh Horowitz had the opportunity to speak with "Cloverfield" director Matt Reeves about the status of a sequel to the 2008 thriller. Read More...

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