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Chuck PalahniukChuck Palahniuk's books will always be hot sells in Hollywood, as every director and studio looks for their own "Fight Club." But more often than not, his books land in development hell, which only "Choke" has been able to escape. Now, according to Variety, Palahniuk's "Haunted" is getting its turn.

The first book to be optioned by Brian Levy's brand new company, New School Media, "Haunted" is being adapted and directed by Koen Mortier.

"Haunted" is a collection of 23 dark, funny, and cringe-inducing stories told by people who innocently answered an advertisement for a writer's retreat. What they got instead was a role on a reality-tv show where their host withholds vital supplies such as food, power, and heat. As the participants become more desperate, they ruthlessly plot to become the star of the show that they expect to be made of their unhappy plight. Read More...

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- Martin Scorsese to reteam with Robert DeNiro for "I Heard You Paint Houses," the story of a mob assassin believed to be involved in the death of Jimmy Hoffa. (Variety)

- "Kung Fu Panda 2" officially announced for June 3, 2011. Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, confirmed to return. (Coming Soon)

- Win a chance to star in Chuck Palahniuk's next book by getting as many people as possible to see "Choke" this weekend. (Chuck Palahnuik)

- Larry Flint making an X-Rated movie with VP candidate Sarah Palin look-alike. (Daily News)

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Chuck PalahniukAlmost all of Chuck Palahniuk’s works begin at the end, and end at the beginning, if you catch our drift. Think “Fight Club,” for instance, - the way the main story is told in flashback by a narrator with a gun in his mouth.

It’s a framing device also found in the great author’s 2002 novel “Lullaby,” a novel which (very broadly) follows the quest to destroy every copy of a dangerous book. If anything, actually, it’s probably more pronounced a literary flourish in “Lullaby” than anywhere else, as narrator Carl Streator alternately details his present situation while also explaining the events that got him to where he is.

If director Ulf Johansson has his way, though, that framing device will be absent from the “Lullaby” film adaptation., Palahniuk told MTV News. Read More...

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'Fight Club'There’s a distinct possibility that author Chuck Palahniuk and director David Fincher are seriously messing with us when it comes to a “Fight Club” musical, which the auteur himself first alluded to in an interview with MTV News this past January.

On the one hand, Palahniuk keeps talking about it with us, most recently during an interview for the latest movie to be adapted from one of his novels, “Choke.” On the other hand, it’s absolutely, positively ridiculous. Or, as “Fight Club” co-star Jared Leto remarked when we asked about it in April, “I think that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my life."

“It seems bizarre but then ‘West Side Story’ probably seemed bizarre at the time it was made,” Palahniuk countered. Read More...

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bonoU2, P-Diddy, Morgan Spurlock and Charlize Theron were just a few of Hollywood's elite who took to the slopes of Sundance this past week to showcase their films – and my colleagues at MTV News spoke with all of them.

But forget the stars. From ground zero here in Los Angeles, the bird's eye view of the Festival was full of dollars, not Cents (as in 50), meaning big paydays for the following filmmakers:

"Hamlet 2": Hamlet tells his friend Horatio that "There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in [his] philosophy." Yeah, no kidding, apparently there was a whole other story! The comedy flick with Steve Coogan as a teacher who writes a Shakespearean sequel sold to Focus Features for $10 million, easily the tops of the festival. And they said he was indecisive.

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