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Heath Ledger as the Joker in 'The Dark Knight'The caped crusader is back in a BIG way on the silver screen. Everyone has been buzzing about it for months and here it is! maybe you saw it last night or this morning? Maybe you're checking it out this weekend or maybe you're scrambling for tickets like many of us? Well, before we let you sound off on the flick, maybe you want to take a look at some of truly exhaustive recent "Dark Knight" coverage.

--We talked to all the former Batmen, from Adam West to Michael Keaton

--We talked to all of the stars of "The Dark Knight"

--We've debuted exclusive clips from the film

--Our very own Kurt Loder weighed in with a review

--We looked at some of the comic book influences on "The Dark Knight"

--We asked the cast of "The Dark Knight" what villain they'd like to see in the next one.

Is that enough for you?!? If you've seen the movie by now, probably not. Well now it's your turn. Did "The Dark Knight" live up to the hype? Sound off!

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This weekend, millions of moviegoers will head to their local theater and fork over their ten bucks for "The Dark Knight," eager to see Batman, the Joker, Two-Face and some other Gotham City favorites. But will they also get a brief glimpse of Batgirl?

MTV News recently caught a screening of "The Dark Knight," and it isn't giving away any spoilers to say that Gary Oldman's James Gordon has a very different-looking family. The role of his wife has been recast (Ilyssa Fradin in "Batman Begins," now Melinda McGraw), as has his son James Jr. (an infant in "Begins," now 10-year-old Nathan Gamble). Most suspiciously, however, a daughter has been added.

As die-hard fans of the comics (and Sixties TV series) know, several incarnations of the Batman universe have had Gordon fathering a daughter named Barbara, who then grows up to don a costume of her own and take on the persona "Batgirl." In "The Killing Joke" storyline, the Joker turns her into a paraplegic, and she becomes Oracle. Read More...

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Bruce Wayne"The Dark Knight" is still three days away from showing the world what MTV staffers lucky enough to see the film early already know, that Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart have created terrifying, complex new versions of the Joker and Two-Face that will surely stand the test of time.

But riddle us this, riddle us that, just what's next for the Big, Bad Bat?

Well, the Riddler, of course, if you believe Gary Oldman. Or Catwoman if you listen to Nester Carbonell. Or...well, we'll just let you check out what Jennifer Vineyard got Christian Bale, Eckhart, David Goyer, and the rest of the cast and crew to cough up about who they think should be the villain in "Batman 3” here.

One thing everyone agrees on, of course, is that whoever they choose will have to be reinvented to go along with Nolan's more realistic tone. Right? Read More...

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You can tell a lot about a person by the Batman he sides with. Most of us nowadays are probably going to go with Christian Bale, right? I mean he (and Nolan’s world) captured the Dark Knight in a way that really raised the franchise to previously unimagined heights (at least in terms of widespread acclaim).

But then again, I love me my Michael Keaton. He’s the Batman I grew up with after all and his snarling utterance of “I’m Batman” just edges out Bale’s growling utterance of “I’m Batman” in my book.

In the last week we’ve also talked to both Adam West (more on that soon) and Val Kilmer (stay tuned for an amazing discussion of the bat nipples) but much as I love them, they’re kind of also-rans in this superhero contest, right?

We're delving into a lot more than the casting of Batman in this article just up all about the history of the character. Check it out here.

And in the meantime, maybe you want to weigh in? Who best captures the Batman in your mind’s eye? Sound off.

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RobinThe Internet fan community is in agreement: Do not, under any circumstances, put Robin anywhere near Christopher Nolan's Batman universe, a world grounded in reality, where the laws of physics apply to hero and villain alike, where bullets wound and punches bruise. An acrobatic little kid in tights? Do it and I walk, Christian Bale even reportedly said recently.

Which is a little ironic, considering that one of Bale's favorite Batman comics is "Dark Victory," by fan-favorite creators Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. And who do you think appears as a critical character in "Dark Victory"? (Hint: He wears a red and yellow costume.)

So how do you reconcile the two disparate viewpoints?

"Take the time to tell the story properly," Loeb told MTV News. "There is a story of Dick Grayson and how he becomes Robin that is extremely moving and very helpful." Read More...

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yates2.jpg- Will David Yates be directing "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"? "We talk about it every day," the director teased. (Empire)

- Christopher Nolan stares into the abyss, "The Dark Knight" stares back. (NY Times)

- Ben Affleck eyes "The Blade Itself" as possible directing follow-up to "Gone Baby Gone." (Hollywood Reporter)

- Stephen Colbert to be President of the United States…in "Monsters vs. Aliens." TV funnyman joins Hugh Laurie, Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, and Keifer Sutherland for all-star voice cast. (USA Today)

- Someone get George Clooney on the phone. "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" making its way back to theaters. (Hollywood Reporter)

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Heath Ledger as the Joker in 'The Dark Knight'With the release of the trailer for "The Dark Knight" has come near-universal acclaim for what we've seen so far of Heath Ledger's vicious portrayal of Batman's chief nemesis, the Joker. As part of our ongoing coverage, we reached out to a variety of individuals to get their own thoughts of this dark take on the Clown Prince.

Among those we spoke to include Paul Dini, the legendary writer/producer of "Batman: The Animated Series," as well as fellow comics auteur Jeph Loeb, who penned "Batman: The Long Halloween" which was cited by Christopher Nolan as a heavy inspiration for his trip to Gotham. We also caught up with "Hellboy" helmer Guillermo Del Toro and even the icon himself, Adam West. So with that in mind, click here to read what all of these notable folks thought and what has them smiling.

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If there was a hotter ticket in New York last night than the debut in IMAX of the first minutes of "The Dark Knight," I don't know what it was. Certainly I was primed for massive enjoyment from the start and no, that had nothing to do with the wine and delectible treats up for grabs on the Upper West Side of Manhattan last evening.

In short, it looks like director Chris Nolan may have delivered once again. The six minute opener is a clean, crisp, and confident start to the next installment of the franchise. Think the bank heist in "Heat" with a little 70s "Dog Day Afternoon" thrown in. And though the moments we saw of the Joker in full on action were brief, any fears I had for Ledger's interpretation were put to rest. With a few words and idiosyncratic moves (there's a swagger to this madman), Ledger has created something all his own. Read More...

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Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face in 'Batman Forever'Yesterday, we ran an item on Jack Nicholson's bitterness over not being asked back to portray his legendary Batman baddie The Joker. Now, another former Gotham City menace is weighing in on the young whippersnapper who'll squeeze into a previously-worn costume...and his tune is decidedly different.

"Really?" Tommy Lee Jones said over the weekend, when told that Harvey "Two-Face" Dent was appearing in next July's Batman sequel "The Dark Knight." "I thought he died."

Well yeah, Tommy, your Two-Face fell to his death at the end of 1995's "Batman Forever," seemingly killing off the character. But now Chris Nolan has taken over the franchise after "Batman Begins," and he gave you and Nicholson the Heisman in favor of "Dark Knight" villains Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart.

"Oh," the Oscar winner replied, insisting that he hadn't heard the casting news. "I didn't know that." Read More...

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Christian BaleThere are days on this job when we have good news to bring you — and then there are the days like today.

As absurd as it may seem, it's sounding more and more like someone besides Christian Bale will soon take flight in the Batman cowl. With a hastily produced "Justice League of America" movie speeding through preproduction, casting is about to begin — and when we posed the question on Tuesday to the man who reinvented the character for "Batman Begins," he confirmed that the "Justice League" train is moving right past him.

"I don't really know anything about it," Bale said of the "JLA" flick, which has already begun approaching such actors as Ryan Reynolds to fill hero roles. "No, there's been no talk with me about 'Justice League'; it's only [reporters] who mention this to me."

Poking some fun at the concept of a superhero group that would have Bruce Wayne standing alongside the Green Lantern, Bale and his "3:10 to Yuma" co-star Russell Crowe teased that perhaps the latter could play Robin. But getting serious for a moment, Bale made it clear that he will only play Batman for Christopher Nolan. Read More...

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