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For well over 10 years now, numerous Hollywood producers and directors have done their best to remake "Logan's Run," the classic 1976 science fiction film about a dystopian future where no one is allowed to live past the age of 30. The film has passed through capable hands belonging to Bryan Singer, Joseph Kosinski and others. Today, a new director is reporting to Carousel to try his luck at renewing the remake: Carl Erik Rinsch.

Rinsch presents a curious case. While he's an unknown quantity to the mainstream moviegoing populace, the filmmaker is a red hot commodity in the Hollywood circuit these days. Best known for his work as a commercial director, Rinsch — considered a protege of director Ridley Scott's — has seen his name attached to a number of high profile projects in recent weeks and months. Read More...

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Mission Impossible IV-- "The Incredibles" director Brad Bird is in final negotiations with Paramount Pictures to helm "Mission: Impossible IV," the fourth entry into the spy franchise starring Tom Cruise and executive produced by J.J. Abrams. "MI:4" will mark Bird's live-action filmmaking debut. [New York Magazine]

-- The girls are back in town — and by girls, I mean Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of the "Sex and the City" gang, as the sequel's first official trailer has gone online. Looks like John Corben's Aidan is back in action, so Mr. Big better watch his back! []

-- The Furyan has been left for dead in the first official concept art sketch for "Riddick," the third entry into the "Chronicles of Riddick" franchise starring Vin Diesel as the titular goggles-wearing antihero. [Facebook] Read More...

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Filmmaker Carl Rinsch has already traded acid-bleeding extraterrestrials for a pack of lordless samurai, but now he's adding some monsters to the mix once again.

According to Hero Complex, Rinsch — a one-time rumored contender to direct the upcoming "Alien" prequel, and recently announced as the helmer for "47 Ronin" alongside star Keanu Reeves — is in discussions with Universal to take the reins on "Creature From the Black Lagoon." Read More...

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47 RoninFilmmaker Carl Rinsch isn't the last samurai, but the once rumored "Alien 5" director could well be one of many ronin.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rinsch will assume the role of lord and master — and, of course, director — over "47 Ronin," Universal's samurai film that Keanu Reeves has been attached to star in for some time. Chris Morgan, who previously described the film as borrowing elements of "Gladiator" and "300," wrote the most recent draft of "47 Ronin." Read More...

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AlienIn space, no one can hear you scream. Not so on the internet, it turns out.

When rumors broke that an "Alien" prequel was in the works -- to be produced by Ridley Scott and his brother Tony Scott, with newcomer Carl Rinsch attached to direct -- longtime fans of the franchise instantly grew squeamish at the news. Interestingly, "Alien" enthusiasts aren't the only ones who are skeptical.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox is hesitant to green light the planned "Alien" prequel unless Ridley Scott directs the film himself. Read More...

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Tony ScottHey folks... I just have a quick follow-up for you on last week's rumored news that Ridley Scott's 1979 classic "Alien" would be getting the remake/reboot treatment. There's been a development, and it's either good or bad depending on your point of view with these sorts of things. Specifically, Tony Scott has confirmed with Collider that a return to "Alien" is indeed in the works.

But wait, there's more! A full quote in fact, confirming most of the rumor and clarifying a small piece. Here it is, straight from Tony: "Yes, Carl Rinsch is going to do the prequel to 'Alien.' He’s one of our directors at our company." So that's a yes on commercials director Carl Rinsch being onboard and a confirmation that the new project will in fact be a prequel. Read More...

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