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by Ryan Rigley

Don't go in the woods. Seriously, it's dangerous. Especially if you're staying in a cabin. With the release of "The Cabin In The Woods," audiences across the country are in for a clever twist on a tried and true staple of the horror genre. Starring Kristen Connolly and Chris Hemsworth, "Cabin In The Woods" follows a group of five friends as they journey to a remote cabin in the woods for a little rest and relaxation. Unfortunately for these rowdy teenagers, the cabin in the woods isn't exactly what it appears to be.

Fans of the horror genre will be quick to realize that the "cabin in the woods" storyline isn't exactly reinventing the wheel. There have been a wide array of "cabin in the woods" storylines over the years, probably because it's just such a creepy concept. The thought of being alone in the middle of the woods with some sort of maniacal killer on the loose would send shivers down anyone's spine.

While not being a direct parody, "The Cabin In The Woods" takes this horror movie cliche and flips it upside down. Here's a look at some of the more popular "cabin in the woods" movies that "The Cabin In The Woods" pays homage to.



Didn't we tell you "Cabin in the Woods" is a film you should see? Never doubt us. We're not the only ones watching it, as "Prometheus" executive producer Damon Lindelof clearly agrees. With a reaction like this, we can only imagine the twists and surprises that await those of you who have yet to see the film. He's not the only one pouring out love for "Cabin," as you'll see in this week's Twitter-Wood. Just beware of reading reviews, we hear spoilers are afoot!

Speaking of Joss Whedon, writer Warren Ellis tweeted about working with Whedon on "Wastelanders." It's potentially his next project taking the form of a web-series Whedon described as "very dark and very grown-up, but it's the next thing that I want to say..." Fingers crossed!

Also see what Olivia Wilde is listening to and Yvette Brown and Edward Norton are watching in April 11, 2012's Twitter-Wood.


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Looper Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Here's an odd picture of what looks like a young Bruce Willis from the "Looper" poster. It's strange because he looks a lot like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Also, it turns out that Martin Scorsese prefers vampires to zombies. We can't help but feel those two facts are related.

Find out more about "Looper" and Scorsese's vampire fandom, plus Walter White will continue breaking until 2013 and more in this edition of the Dailies.


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If you've heard anything about "The Cabin in the Woods," hopefully it's nothing about the story. Since the movie started screening for fans, critics and festival-goers, there has been a shared bond of secrecy. Most people who have seen it want you to see it, but they probably won't tell you why.

We aren't going to spill the beans either, since we know just how good it is, but we will tell you that if you really want to know just a little bit more, we have an exclusive TV spot from "Cabin in the Woods" to whet your appetite.


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When it comes to "The Cabin in the Woods," anyone and everyone who's seen it will tell you the same thing: the less you know, the better. But I don't think there's any harm in watching the exclusive clip you'll see below — no major spoilers revealed, premise remains fairly basic, secrets are firmly intact by the end. But what you will get out of this, which I think is of great benefit to anyone mulling over a trip to the "Cabin," is a strong sense of the film's tone.

Yes, "Cabin" is a horror movie, but it's also hilarious. What more would you expect from a movie written by Joss Whedon and directed by Whedon regular Drew Goddard? Or starring "Dollhouse" fan-favorite Fran Kranz, alongside a big dumb jock turn from Chris Hemsworth, and as-yet-to-be-revealed roles for Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins?

You'll get plenty of laughs and chills in the video below. Go on, click away — we dare you.

"Cabin in the Woods" hits theaters on April 13. Click here for more on our "Cabin in the Woods" sweepstakes!

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“Cabin In The Woods” made its triumphant premiere at the SXSW Film Festival this year. And, as any horror fan will tell you, the April release date is a welcome one. While there are no spoilers ahead, its star Jesse Williams did reveal some really interesting facts about the flick before it hit Austin this past weekend.

“‘Cabin’ is a really kick-ass adventure with a really crazy twist,” he told MTV News. “And I know a lot of films say that but with [writer] Joss Whedon and [co-writer and director] Drew Goddard, they really find a way to really [bring it]."


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Our intrepid reporters have been busy at the Sundance Film Festival, trekking through the snow to bring you the latest news in all things movies. (Suckers!) Meanwhile, the rest of us have been staying cozy at home, and getting ready for the awesome horror slate that 2012 seems to be promising.

Daniel Radcliffe's "The Woman in Black" has a new poster and TV spot to check out. Also, there are some new stills from Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's "The Cabin in the Woods" that have us anxious to see more from the friends-go-into-the-forest-and-possibly-never-come-back tale. But if you have the munchies for more horror bites, hit the jump, and get caught up with this week's news.


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That noise you're hearing is millions of Joss Whedon fans from across the universe yelling "FINALLY!" all at once.

It has taken years for the Whedon co-written movie, "Cabin in the Woods," to finally hit screens, and after last week's teaser poster, here we have the first trailer and the most conclusive evidence yet that this movie may actually open.

Future Whedon collaborator Chris Hemsworth leads a cast of attractive 20-somethings into the familiar set-up. They're looking to go off the grid and spend some time—where else—in a cabin in the woods. With the straight-forward horror set-up, you'd be right to expect Whedon and his co-writer/director Drew Goddard to take things down unexpected paths.


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Paranormal ActivityThe ultimate villain, Satan, makes an appearance (twice!) in this week's Horror Bites. To start, "The Hangover's" Bradley Cooper, supposedly in talks to star in "The Crow" remake, has now set his sights on an adaptation of "Paradise Lost" – no, it has nothing to do with the metal band – and Cooper may be playing the big bad himself, Lucifer. Rutger Hauer won't let anyone show him up, though, and is also engaging in a little devilry on screen.

"Paranormal Activity 3" is slipping into "Saw's" place as the new Halloween franchise. Oren Peli and his crew have brought on a team of "documentary" filmmakers to direct their latest installment in the supernatural series. Pants will be peed this October, for sure. Meanwhile, the cast of "Piranha 3DD" is rounding out quite nicely – and may need to increase a cup size – with the addition of some familiar faces, and the "Sexiest Woman Alive."

Find out the full skinny, and relish in more horror goodies, after the jump.


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James BondFinally, James Bond is actually coming to a theater near you some day soon, thanks to an agreement reached by Sony and MGM.

Deadline was the first to post a press release announcing that Sony is distributing "James Bond 23" alongside MGM, and that they're already looking at "Bond 24" as well. We're hoping this means we'll be seeing MGM's "Red Dawn" and "Cabin In The Woods" through Sony as well, though nothing is official yet. In exchange, MGM will co-finance several Sony pictures, including David Fincher's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."

After the jump, find out which unreleased robot movie already has a sequel in the works, the line-up for Cannes and what "Fast Five" director Justin Lin has to say about his "Terminator" plans.


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