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One of my favorite movies at Sundance in 2009 was Antoine Fuqua's cop drama "Brooklyn's Finest," which finally hit theaters last week. One thing I've noticed about the movie since that Sundance cut is a small yet significant change made to the ending. When MTV's Josh Horowitz spoke to Fuqua recently at the film's press junket, I requested that he ask about the ending and why it was changed.

"That ending was an experiment," Fuqua said. "The Sundance cut was a chance for me to put the movie in front of a real audience. It wasn't done at all, by far. Everything is temporary. What it did was it allowed me to watch it with an audience reaction and then go back and go to my original notes, and then follow... again why I wanted to tell the story which dictated that ending."

This is all pretty vague so far, and that's because I'm trying to keep spoilers after the jump. So if you haven't seen the movie, click onwards at your own risk. Read More...

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Alice in Wonderland1. "Alice in Wonderland" ($116.3 million)
2. "Brooklyn's Finest" $13.5 million)
3. "Shutter Island" ($13.3 million)
4. "Cop Out" ($9.1 million)
5. Avatar" ($7.7 million)

The vast majority of moviegoers traveled through the looking glass and into theaters to see "Alice in Wonderland" this weekend, Disney and director Tim Burton's 3-D exploration of the classic Lewis Carroll tale that debuted at the box office with a decisive first place finish. Read More...

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Alice in Wonderland1. "Alice in Wonderland" ($41 million)
2. "Brooklyn's Finest" $4.7 million)
3. "Shutter Island" ($4 million)
4. "Cop Out" ($2.8 million)
5. The Crazies" ($2.3 million)

Moviegoers opted to take a trip down the rabbit hole in a very big way on Friday, as director Tim Burton's unique version of "Alice in Wonderland" claimed the top spot at the box office with an impressive $41 million haul. Read More...

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After almost three months in release, "Avatar" will cede 3-D screenings at the end of this week when Disney's long-awaited Tim Burton-directed sequel "Alice in Wonderland" hits theaters. It's a predictably light week at the movies beyond that because really, who wants to compete with the combined drawing power of Burton, Disney, "Alice" and Johnny Depp?

In this new "Alice," the title character returns to the magical world of Wonderland 10 years after her initial visit. Much has changed there, and not for the better. The Red Queen runs the show these days while the fearsome Jabberwock keeps the world's inhabitants living in a state of constant fear. As you might expect, only Alice (Mia Wasikowska) and her pall The Mad Hatter (Depp) can save the day. Read More...

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You never know what you'll learn during an interview, and such was case when we caught up with Wesley Snips for his new ensemble picture "Brooklyn's Finest." Inquiring as to his Sundance plans, the actor lit up. "I'm going to try to find a Wii," he exclaimed. "The Wii Town."

Admitting he's not a gamer, Snipes was nonetheless passionate about his quest. "I've been hearing about it. I want to de-virginize myself into the Wii." Watch all of his Wiitastic comments -- including a movie? -- below, and then click here to watch all of our Sundance interviews.

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