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Eddie Murphy in 'Beverly Hills Cop'With the recent announcement that Brett Ratner would be directing a fourth "Beverly Hills Cop" movie 15 years after his last big-screen adventure, we wanted to know, where exactly is Axel Foley these days?

"Probably in Detroit," laughed Ratner, who is currently working with star Eddie Murphy on Foley's fourth big-screen adventure, where he will no doubt once again find himself improbably making his way back to the California coast.

And why not? Rambo did it. So did John McClane. Indiana Jones is doing it right now. There's no doubt that it's been the year of the aging action star. That makes it the perfect time to reintroduce the character to a whole new audience, Ratner insisted. Read More...

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Brendan FraserAs much as we love reporting on the superhero films that are in development, we go nearly as crazy as the ones that never will be. For instance, how would you have liked A "Superman" flick directed by Brett Ratner and starring...wait for it...Brendan Fraser.

When I spoke with Fraser over the weekend at the NY Comic Con, he revealed all. "I wore the suit," he admitted about his screen test for Ratner. "They were so top secret about it. Somewhere probably in a vault is my screen test."

And apparently he nailed it in Ratner's eyes because he says he had the part. "First they offered it to me. Then they didn't offer it to me," he laughed. "Then a huge swath of guys came in to put the suit on. We acted scenes as Clark Kent and [Superman]." (Watch video and more after the jump) Read More...

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Green LanternIn honor of the Red Sox World Series victory, "Cowboy Up" with our links of the day, back with news on "Green Lantern," James Bond, and more.

- And Justice for all? A day after we reported David Dobkin was the man for "The Flash," television director Greg Berlanti announced as "Green Lantern" helmer. (Variety)

- Die Another Day. And another one after that. And, sure, one more for good measure. Daniel Craig to return for four more Bond films, says MGM president. (First Showing)

- First pictures from the set of Peter Jackson's latest "The Lovely Bones" surface online. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

- Brett Ratner no longer attached to direct "Escape from New York" remake. (AICN)

- Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke, and Amanda Peet join forces for "Real Men Cry." (Hollywood Reporter)

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Anthony Hopkins"Superman Returns" helmer Bryan Singer split the fan community when he opted to cast a CGI Marlon Brando in the part of Jor-El -- the same role Brando held in the classic 1978 flick -- but did you know the part was originally destined for another legendary actor? Of course, that was when the film was also destined for another director.

Before Singer's involvement, the project seemed firmly in the hands of "Rush Hour" chieftain Brett Ratner, who had come far enough along with development that he attached none other than Anthony Hopkins as Jor-El, Superman's old man on Krypton. Unfortunately for everyone on the team though, things hit a snag.

"I was going to do the movie with Brett, and I don't know what happened," Hopkins recalled. Read More...

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ThorIf I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the evening. But instead I'll provide you with the links of the day (The God of Thunder has the hammer thing taken care of, we think). Read about that and more, including "Star Wars" and "Narnia," below.

- Matthew Vaughn lays down the hammer on "Thor." (Empire)

- The Force is strong with this one: George Lucas on the "Star Wars" TV Shows. (TV Guide)

- The Ratner Pack: Brett Ratner to direct "Mr. S: My Life With Frank Sinatra." Chris Tucker eyeing role of George Jacobs, the crooner's valet. (Variety)

- A "Voyage" to forever: Third "Chronicles of Narnia" film gets pushed back a full year. (JoBlo)

- Isla Fisher to star in "Confessions of a Shopaholic." (Hollywood Reporter)

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Vinnie Jones in 'X-Men: The Last Stand'He's the Juggernaut. Bitching, for sure. But given the fact that Wolverine and Magneto are getting their own spin-off features, what "X-Men 3” star Vinnie Jones really thinks would be wicked is his very own Juggernaut movie.

"That'd be fantastic. That's what all the fans want!" the burly former soccer star mock enthused. "Four hours of make-up. It's great!"

"No, when I [did] my deal they obviously signed me up for 'III', 'IV', and 'V' just in case," he continued more seriously. "Myself and my bank manager are just keeping our fingers crossed." Read More...

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Star TrekIt's a sweltering hellhole here in NYC, but over in Hollywood it's business as usual. Today, Shatner takes to the webcam, JJ talks Cloverfield, Ratner waves off Paris and more.

- Shatner claims Nemoy made new "Star Trek" script, but that he didn't. (ShatnerVision)

- Director Peter Berg ("The Kingdom") looks towards horse racing...will adopt Barbaro story. (Variety)

- Hollywood Reporter updates us on a bunch of comics-to-film franchises, including "Superman 2” and "Wolverine." (Hollywood Reporter)

- I can't keep track of all this "Cloverfield" stuff, but here's the latest. (CHUD)

- Contrary to rumors, Brett Ratner is not casting Paris Hilton in his Hefner biopic. (Thompson On Hollywood)

- Nicole Kidman joins RomCom "Monte Carlo." (Variety)

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In a strange way, it's kind of fitting that Brett Ratner is going to direct a biopic about Hugh Hefner, titled "Playboy." After all, if you can't score an invite to the mansion to rub elbows with Pauly Shore and Stephen Dorff, isn't the next best thing dropping by Chez Ratner for some quality time in a photobooth with Bob Evans?

So with "Playboy" looking to get the fast track to your local multiplex (by the way, how is it that Larry Flynt got Milos Forman and Hef gets the director of "After the Sunset"?), let's do some casting, shall we? Who should play Hef? How about...

Ewan McGregor --  The only thing stopping us from loving this idea is Ewan tends to fall a little flat when he goes American ("Stay" still makes us sleepy thinking about it). Read More...

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Another round of fresh links as The Bride eyes a rebirth, animated Autobots return, Ratner hits the Playboy Mansion and more.

- Tarantino gearing up for "Kill Bill 3” and "4”? (UPI via CHUD)

- "Transformers" gets a new cartoon series in January. (Hollywood Reporter).

- Brett Ratner snags biopic of "Playboy" founder Hugh Hefner. (Variety)

- Sandra Bullock to stalk Thomas Haden Church in "All About Steve." (Hollywood Reporter)

- Our colleagues at MTV Films are adapting teen thriller novel "The Lost Girls." (Hollywood Reporter)

- Matt Dillon leads summer camp in "Old Dogs" alongside Robin Williams and John Travolta. (Hollywood Reporter)

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