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The Muppets 2

It's been more than six months since "The Muppets 2" was officially announced, and details have slowly trickled in about the project ever since. We've known that James Bobin and Nicholas Stoller have been working on a script and that Jason Segel won't be involved, but we don't know much more beyond the fact that Christoph Waltz will be playing an Interpol agent in the film.

We still might not know much about the plot "The Muppets 2," but thanks to Collider we have a better idea of what the film movie consist of. The outlet had the opportunity to speak with "The Muppets" producer Todd Lieberman recently and got a few status updates on the project.


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It's been long confirmed that Jason Segel will not be starring in or writing the next Muppets movie, but a recent update from the actor dashed even the small hope of a cameo. As the man largely responsible for bringing the Muppets back into the spotlight, the loss of Segel puts a big question mark on the sequel.

But fear not, Muppet fans. We spoke with the first film's co-writer and the director of "Five-Year Engagement," Nicholas Stoller, about the progress he's made on the second film's script and how he sees Segel factoring into the making of the sequel.

As Segel's frequent collaborator, Stoller sees himself asking for notes on the script for the next Muppet movie. "I definitely would want to show him the script and get his notes. He loves the Muppets and knows them so well," Stoller said. "I think getting notes from him and getting thoughts from him would be extremely helpful."


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The Muppets

Did you know "This Means War" could have had two different endings? Turns out McG toyed with the idea at one point. In other film news, Warner Bros. opens a new theater in Washington DC, Bret McKenzie laments not being able to perform at the Oscars and five new "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" images hit the web.

It's February 7, and you're tuning in to today's daily news round-up!


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Oldman Tinker

Well, we finally know who will be competing for Oscar gold come Feburary 26, and with everyone everywhere talking about this year's nominees, a lot of people are ticked off.

So much of the post-nomination Oscar conversation gets swallowed up by the angry cries of snubs and shutouts. While we're just as mad about some of the nominations as you are (No Albert Brooks? No "50/50"? "Extremely Loud"?), there are plenty of nominations that came as pleasant surprises and have us really looking forward to Oscar night.

Here is the list of our favorite nominations.


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Matt Damon

Despite much excitement over the opportunity to direct a film, Matt Damon has decided to pass off directing responsibilities for the upcoming untitled flick he co-wrote with John Krasinski. Meanwhile, Bret McKenzie teases his "The Hobbit" cameo, Kevin Smith updates fans on "Hit Somebody" and Emma Stone finds a "Little White Corvette."

Today is January 5, and you're tuning into today's daily news round up.


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The HobbitBrace yourself for a May Fact, as Sir Ian McKellen so aptly describes it: Martin Freeman has left "The Hobbit."

Okay, no need to panic — Freeman's gone for now, not for good. McKellen provided a lengthy "Hobbit" update on his blog today, explaining that the man behind Bilbo Baggins has left the set to resume work on a batch of "Sherlock Holmes" telemovies. Once he's finished with those projects, he'll return to Middle-Earth to finish out his crucial role on "The Hobbit."

If your stress levels aren't down yet, how about this nugget of goodness: Hugo Weaving is indeed returning to "The Hobbit" after all.


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Bret McKenzieFROM MTV MOVIES: It's "Business Time" for Bret McKenzie. After showing up briefly as an extra in the first and third "Lord of the Rings" movies, the "Flight of the Conchords" co-star has joined the sprawling cast of Peter Jackson's "Hobbit" prequels.

And the New Zealand native won't have to travel far, since once again Jackson has set up shop in his home country for the films, which began filming two weeks ago. Variety reported that McKenzie will play the role of Lindir, an elf of Rivendell, in the 3-D films, which will be shot over the next 14 months at a studio in Wellington and other locations around New Zealand.

McKenzie joins a cast that already features Martin Freeman in the lead role of Bilbo Baggins, as well as returning "Rings" vets Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett and Andy Serkis. "The Hobbit" is set 60 years before "LOTR" and follows the adventures of humble hobbit Bilbo, who rises to heroic stature as he leads a group of fellow dwarves on an epic journey to reclaim a treasure from the dragon Smaug.

Read the full story at MTV Movies!

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