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American Psycho

The last rumor we heard on the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie front was that Angelina Jolie was considering directing the BDSM adaptation. That was quickly debunked, but it did open the door to the idea that E.L. James' hit novel could attract some A-list talent to its big screen debut.

Now Bret Easton Ellis, the author behind "American Psycho" and "Rules of Attraction," has admitted that he's serious about adapting her novels.

"I'm putting myself out there to write the movie adaptation of 'Fifty Shades of Grey,'" he tweeted over the weekend. "The team has been briefed and we will be approaching the studio this week about BEE adapting 'Fifty Shades of Grey' into a film."


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Coachella audiences were shocked this past weekend when Tupac Shakur appeared on stage to perform with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Thanks to some incredible Oscar-worthy special effects people, the rapper—who was tragically murdered back in 1996—was resurrected via hologram for this special performance. And it's got the world buzzing.

Brett Spiner, Data from popular sci-fi TV show "Star Trek," is no stranger to holograms, as they were a huge part of the show. The actor now hosts a sketch comedy web-series called "Fresh Hell" and mentioned Tupac's hologram making an appearance. You know what would be better? If Data met Tupac.

The android would no doubt be shocked by Tupac's use of language, but impressed by the technology used to create him. We imagine he'd want to study the advanced hologram, and possibly even talk about what it was like to go from a human with emotions to a mere projection of a person. Maybe Spiner should tweet @HologramTupac to get something in the works. We'd sure watch it!

Also in April 17, 2012's Twitter-Wood, Seth Meyers jokes about no Pulitzer Prize for fiction, Omar Epps tweets "House M.D." goodbye and Julie Benz hashtags what we all feel like doing on a bad day.


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Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen could be doing double duty as both producer and star of a film again, according to a new report. Meanwhile, Bret Easton Ellis stirs up some casting rumors on his Twitter account, and Christina Hendricks picks a new role that will return her to the '60s.

It's December 27, and you're tuning into today's Casting Call!


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"Kardashians" star and Kourtney’s baby daddy Scott Disick has been given the co-sign by "American Psycho" writer Bret Easton Ellis to inhabit the skin of Patrick Bateman, a role made famous by Batman himself, Christian Bale.

After news broke of a proposed remake of the 2000 film, as reported by Variety this week, Scott, who pretty much is the living embodiment of the Big Apple yuppie/serial killer/investment banker in look, charisma and style, took to Twitter to pitch himself as the perfect leading man for the leading role.


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Olivia Wilde"Super 8" is finally in theaters, and if you've been following along with the MTV Movies Blog gang, you know we loved it. We're not the only ones; several celebs in the Twitter-Wood sphere have already expressed their enthusiasm, and more positive reviews came storming in today.

There's also an outpouring of support for "Lost" creator Damon Lindelof's new multimedia science fiction project for Disney, "1952," though Lindelof himself wants to clarify exactly what that "seven figure deal" entails. Plus, Weiner-gate ridicule continues, Olivia Wilde strips down (sort of) and Jonah Hill squares off against Kanye West in an epic battle of Connect Four.

I'm @roundhoward and this is Twitter-Wood for June 10, 2011.


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Men In Black 3WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's arrest in London kicked up some tweet commentary in the feed today. Amid all of the critics and supporters, though, James Urbaniak thinks Assange would be a fine "Law and Order" character.

Wil Wheaton, meanwhile, attempted to leak the secrets of creating paper Darth Vader snowflakes on his account, and the pictures show that he came very close. Elsewhere, Tyrese Gibson didn't divulge anything new from the set of "Men in Black 3," but he did hang out with Will Smith and try on some shoes. You'll find his comments, along with Dax Shepard and a monkey, Bret Easton Ellis' praise for Susan Boyle and Seth MacFarlane on his relationship with the U.K. down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for December 7, 2010. Read More...

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Hayden PanettiereHayden Panettiere is 21 and Nikki Reed is 22, but they just can't seem to get enough of high school. According to Variety, the actresses are set to star in the thriller "Downers Grove," based on the Michael Hornburg novel about a cursed high school in a Chicago suburb where each year one senior dies a bizarre death right before graduation.

Here's the truly interesting part: "Less Than Zero," "American Psycho" and "Rules of Attraction" novelist Bret Easton Ellis has adapted the screenplay for the film. Judging by the aforementioned log-line, the movie would seem to be along the lines of the "Final Destination" flicks -- a strange fit for a man like Ellis, who's know for novels generously laden with social commentary, violence, perversity and satire. Read More...

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Someone had to make the first Twitter-Wood comparison between "The Wire" and the Rod Blagojevich trial, and Seth Meyers was that man. He, along with Roger Ebert and Jeff Katz had reactions to the single guilty verdict in Chicago last night, and they all posted those thoughts on Twitter.

In other tweets, "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" has received a lot of love from critics, despite its poor box office performance. Bret Easton Ellis decided to part ways with the pack, however, and declared his dissatisfaction with the movie. Find out how he felt below along with a weird exchange about Target between Michael Ian Black and Dane Cook and insights into Dr. Laura quitting her radio show.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for August 18, 2010. Read More...

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Angelina Jolie may have secured a Twitter account, but she's locked it down and doesn't appear to have any plans to tweet anytime soon. That may come as a disappointment to Conan O'Brien, who noted the development today. Elsewhere, Jolie's new movie "Salt" just made Bret Easton Ellis space out and contemplate "powerful movies."

Twitter-Wood posts unrelated to Angelina Jolie over the last 24 hours included a shared moment between Kal Penn and Olivia Wilde that seems to have involved a gold cart and "House M.D.," as well as a Chatroulette prediction from Stephen Colbert and birthday cake for Zack Snyder's daughter that Star Wars fans should enjoy.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for July 27, 2010. Read More...

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Last night's posts coming out of Twitter-Wood were full of glamorous party shots from around San Diego and photo ops with cosplayers from Comic-Con. James Gunn for instance checked out some "Tron" costumes, while David Wain got detained by a couple of Stormtroopers.

Things were going on outside Comic-Con as well, though. Demi Moore took a pic with her "LOL" co-star Miley Cyrus. Bret Easton Ellis laughed at "Inception," and Rich Sommer went to a "Simpsons" read-through. You'll find those retweets and info on who had dinner with Ellen Page after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for July 23, 2010. Read More...

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