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Brendan FraserThe franchise has been away from the big-screen for seven years. It's changed directors. It even replaced its leading lady.

And, yet, so confident was newcomer Maria Bello that the Mummy series hooked itself up to the rejuvenation machine - she recently promised MTV that there would be at least three more before all was said and done.

"I've got to talk to her. We need to compare notes!" star Brendan Fraser joked, playfully refusing to directly address Bello's assertion. "I have to go read my agreement. Do I get to come back too?" Read More...

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Brendan FraserAs much as we love reporting on the superhero films that are in development, we go nearly as crazy as the ones that never will be. For instance, how would you have liked A "Superman" flick directed by Brett Ratner and starring...wait for it...Brendan Fraser.

When I spoke with Fraser over the weekend at the NY Comic Con, he revealed all. "I wore the suit," he admitted about his screen test for Ratner. "They were so top secret about it. Somewhere probably in a vault is my screen test."

And apparently he nailed it in Ratner's eyes because he says he had the part. "First they offered it to me. Then they didn't offer it to me," he laughed. "Then a huge swath of guys came in to put the suit on. We acted scenes as Clark Kent and [Superman]." (Watch video and more after the jump) Read More...

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Brendan Fraser- The more you know: Brendan Fraser and The Rock reportedly offered cameo roles in "G.I. Joe" as Gung Ho and Shipwreck, respectively. (Latino Review)

- Guillermo del Toro premiers the full trailer for "Hellboy II: The Golden Army." (Yahoo)

- Speaking of del Toro, the Mexican auteur briefly speaks "The Hobbit." (EW)

- Johnny 5 still alive! "Short Circuit" remake apparently in the works with original writers scripting. (Variety)

- Nicole Kidman and Judi Dench join Rob Marshall's "Nine." (Hollywood Reporter)

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy a hot steaming cup of our links of the day, back again with news on Kate Winslet, Paul Bettany, Brendan Fraser, and more.

- Brendan Fraser journeys to the center of the Earth…in 3D! First poster for summer flick appears online. (Cinematical)

- Dakota's daddy: Paul Bettany joins cast of "The Secret Life of Bees" alongside elder Fanning. (Hollywood Reporter)

- Talk about trading up. Kate Winslet replaces Nicole Kidman in "The Reader." Story centers on a teen who falls for an older woman in post-war Germany. (Variety)

- P.T. Anderson, The Coens, Sean Penn, Tony Gilroy, and Julian Schnabel five nominees for DGA's Best Director Award. (Hollywood-Elsewhere)

- Way to rock that revolutionary garb Mr. Rockwell. First images of "Choke," from author Chuck "Fight Club" Palahniuk surface. (Collider)

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While attention has been focused on the casting of Maria Bello in Brendan Fraser's blockbuster "Mummy" franchise, it's Fraser's next project that might prove most interesting. The "Crash" collaborator will be starring in the 2008 big-budget adaptation of Cornelia Funke's bestselling fantasy children's novel, "Inkheart." The actor will play a bookseller who harbors the special ability to bring elements of fiction to life when he reads a book aloud...a power that sparks a magical adventure for his young daughter, played by Eliza Bennett.

"It's kind of a blessing and a curse at the same time," Fraser told MTV News about his character's gift. "His wife has disappeared and some baddies have come out of the world of the book. [My daughter] goes on a quest to a medieval world to retrieve her mom."

While the film has its share of casting notables -- including Helen Mirren, Paul Bettany and Sienna Guillory -- it's one co-star in particular that made Fraser's day: the man who brought Gollum to life in "The Lord of the Rings." "Andy Sirkis is fantastic," Fraser enthused. "He's got chops. It was great to work with [him]."

Like Hollywood's adaptation of Tolkien's trilogy, audiences can expect a full array of computer-generated wizardry: "There are some fantastic creatures in it," Fraser revealed. But it's on the subject of special effects that the actor reflects back to an earlier role...that of caveman Link in the classic 1992 film, "Encino Man."

"It really was the end of a period in the genre of niche teen films," said Fraser of the non-CGI pic, which co-starred Sean Astin and Pauly Shore. "It was just actors, [the] camera, [and] me with a squirrel screwed to my head. It was just having fun, really. And then after that it ushered in the whole period of CGI. That's's the truth."

Are you looking forward to "Inkheart"? Is "Encino Man" really as historic as Fraser and I think? Chime in below.

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"The Mummy 3" is all set to go now with the re-casting of the lead female role portrayed by Rachel Weisz in the first two installments. Maria Bello has signed on for the part. Not to be outdone in the scoopage, MTV has come across the letter "Mummy 3" director Rob Cohen penned to Bello to entice her to his cause. Enjoy!

Dearest Maria,

RC here! We haven't talked since that "xXx" audition a few years back. Let me just apologize one more time. We totally should have given you some background on that project before you came in to meet. If it's any consolation, it was awkward for all of us in that room when you discussed your "preparation."

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