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Emma Watson

Guillermo del Toro is attached to direct a new take on "Beauty and the Beast," with Emma Watson set to star. It’s a long-rumored collaboration that I've been looking forward to greatly, as del Toro is one of the most visual directors of our time and will also likely be able to coax a very un-Hermione performance out of Watson.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news, adding that Andrew Davies will write the script. But the idea of Watson as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" got us wondering what other "Harry Potter" stars would fit well in a movie inspired by a fairytale. Surprisingly, there are quite a few. Hollywood, feel free to pilfer our ideas.


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When the final installment of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" arrives in theaters this summer, expect some of the cast members to look a little bit older by the end.

We're not just talking about how much the actors have grown since "The Sorcerer's Stone" debuted so many years ago. In "Deathly Hallows," our characters quite literally age for an epilogue sequence set several years into the future, showing exactly who and what these young heroes have become as adults.

It's a thrill for fans to catch a future glimpse of their favorite characters, no doubt, but for the actors themselves, shooting the epilogue sequence was… bizarre, to say the least.


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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows London premiereBy Kristen Shalbinski

Muggles from around the world had the privilege of watching the London world premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" today, thanks to a livestream of the event. The excitement from Leicester Square seemed to seep through the computer screen, and now has us even more anxious for the release of the film next Friday (November 19).

The square was decorated with "Deathly Hallows" posters and banners, and an archway was built to the entrance of the Odeon Theater with the 'Deathly Hallows' symbol shining above it. But the thing that made watching the premiere truly amazing was seeing just how many fans were in attendance. Almost every nation was represented in this crowd. There were fans from Mexico, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the United States and Canada, just to name a few. And some of them were camped out in Leicester Square for two days prior to the premiere. In the crowd you could see signs made that read, "Weasley Is Our King!" and "Accio Grint," and there was a certain sign that drove home just how important Harry Potter is to some fans: "You Made Our Childhood Magical." Read More...

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In the wizarding world of "Harry Potter," you can accomplish almost anything with the flick of a wand, a correctly spoken incantation and the rightly brewed potion: grant good luck, make people fall in love, clean up a messy room. Of course, you've got to be a talented witch or wizard to pull off one of these spells. No Muggle has a chance with such feats.

That hasn't stopped the cast of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" from wishing they could, like their characters, sometimes make the impossible possible.


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You regular readers may be getting tired of these daily reminders, but bear with us. It's not often we get face time with the collected Hogwarts superstars -- Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright and Tom Felton -- and their stalwart director, David Yates. MTV Movies Editor Josh Horowitz will have that opportunity this weekend though, and he wants to give you fans a shot at having your voices heard.

It's simple: plant yourself in front of a webcam and record yourself putting a question to one of the gathered "Potter" players. Upload the video to Your MTV and tag it with "Harry Potter." We'll handle the rest. Then you can look for video from the junket next week, when the "Harry Potter" hype train hits full speed in preparation for the July 14 release of "Half-Blood Prince."

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All this week, MTV Movies Blog writer Brian Warmoth will be breaking down the past, present and future of the five principal Hogwarts students — and the actors who portray them — in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” on So far this week we've looked at Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton, Ginny Weasley/Bonnie Wright and Ron Weasley/Rupert Grint. Today's subject is Ron's longtime friend and budding love interest Hermione Granger, and her real-life counterpart Emma Watson.

FROM MTV.COM: The Muggle-born daughter of dentists, Hermione Granger made it known early on at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that she was a witch to be reckoned with. Even as she has continued to overcome prejudice and earn the respect of her instructors, including Hogwarts Headmistress Minerva McGonagall and the school's newly installed Potions Master Horace Slughorn, one subject has continued to confound her — the affection of Ron Weasley.

Continue reading 'Harry Potter' Overachiever Hermione Granger Still Can't Pin Down Love. Click on the image above for our "Hermione Granger Through The Years" flipbook! Also, remember to record your questions for the "Half-Blood Prince" cast and upload the video to Your MTV by Friday for a shot at having them answered at this weekend's "Potter" junket!

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Rupert GrintAll this week, MTV Movies Blog writer Brian Warmoth will be breaking down the past, present and future of the five principal Hogwarts students — and the actors who portray them — in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” on So far this week we've looked at Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton and Ginny Weasley/Bonnie Wright. Today's subject is Ginny's brother Ron Weasley and his real-life counterpart Rupert Grint.

FROM MTV.COM: Harry Potter's two closest friends since the first installment in the series, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," also share one of the saga's most strained relationships. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger may embody predestined puppy love more than any of their Hogwarts classmates, but the bombshell kiss that Ron shares with Lavender Brown in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" threatens to drive a permanent wedge between them, even as the darkest threat the series has ever seen descends on their school.

Continue reading 'Harry Potter' Sidekick Ron Weasley Has Girl Troubles

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All this week, MTV Movies Blog writer Brian Warmoth will be breaking down the past, present and future of the five principal Hogwarts students — and the actors who portray them — in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” on Yesterday we looked at Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton; today we turn to Harry's love interest Ginny Weasley, and her real-life counterpart Bonnie Wright.

FROM MTV.COM: The Battle of the Department of Mysteries changed the game for everyone when it heralded the return of Lord Voldemort in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." Now, amid all the love triangles at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," Ginny Weasley's crush on Harry and burgeoning potion skills get put to the test.

Continue reading 'Harry Potter' Fans Watch Ginny Weasley Grow Up

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceHey "Harry Potter" fans! I'm pretty excited for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," I have to say. I hesitate to call it my favorite of the books, but it's definitely the tightest, most action-packed of the stories. Between the killer set pieces and shockingly downbeat conclusion, "Half-Blood Prince" is to the "Harry Potter" universe what "The Empire Strikes Back" is to "Star Wars." Anyone who's aware of my fanboy allegiances knows that there's no higher compliment I can offer.

SO! Next weekend, MTV's Josh Horowitz will be sitting down with members of the "Half-Blood" cast and crew. Namely director David Yates and stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Tom Felton and Bonnie Wright. That's Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley, for you Muggles out there. While all of us -- myself included -- are forced to sit jealously on the sidelines while Josh does his interviews, MTV wants to give you all an opportunity to participate.

It's simple. Head over to Your MTV and upload a video of yourself posing a single question to any of the gathered players. We'll cull the best of your queries and pass them along to the Potter-folk, then share their answers here the week of "Half-Blood"'s release!

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Ben Affleck- Ben Affleck in negotiations to write, direct, and star in “The Town,” a dark heist movie based on the novel “Prince of Thieves.” (THR)

- Details of Tobey Maguire’s “Spider-Man” deal revealed. Perks include half days and no early mornings in order to spend more time with his family. (Times Online)

- Harry Potter love interest Bonnie Wright joins "A Great and Terrible Beauty," a film which Mel Gibson's production company is adapting from bestselling novel. (PR-Inside)

- Universal Studios Hollywood to offer park guests a first look at the trailer for “The Wolfman.” (ComingSoon)

- Just for fun: Eight classic movies ruined by gaping plot holes. (Cracked)

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