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Rising comedic talent Bo Burnham is definitely on the upside these days. Aside from working with Judd Apatow recently, the 20-year-old funnyman is set to premiere his Comedy Central special, "Words, Words, Words" on Saturday night. And, he promises that the special will feature an eclectic bag of jokes.

"It’s a lot of stuff. It's got songs. Now it has poetry and stand-up and beat poems and haikus and one sonnet and some jokes. It's just basically gags all over the place," he revealed to MTV News. "There's like one or two jokes I made a little bit bigger [for the special] because I had a bigger production value behind it. When they commission that hour they're sort of like, 'No, you do your thing.' I had to rewrite some jokes for the censors maybe." Read More...

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For a while now people have been wondering what became of the Bo Burnham-penned, Judd Apatow-produced script dubbed the "anti-'High School Musical.'" So, the question is: When will we see it on the big screen... if ever? MTV News went to the source (no, not Apatow) to find out.

"We've been writing it for a couple years. I don't know if it'll be made or anything," said Burnham, a 20-year-old stand-up comic/musician who is known for his satirical songs and popular You Tube videos (and who has his very own Comedy Central special, "Words, Words, Words," airing Saturday). "It's just an R-rated 'High School Musical.' It's not a spoof. People would obviously make that comparison because it's going to be a musical in high school, but we were thinking that idea of a high school musical is incredible. It's a great idea, and it's not like we're spoofing that one." Read More...

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