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Recently have you found yourself thinking, "You know, Billy Crystal hasn't been in a movie in a really long time"? How about "Neither has Bette Midler. I love those two. They should do a movie together"?

Thankfully, the trailer for "Parental Guidance," which stars the two comedy veterans debuted today over at Yahoo! Movies.

You can check out the trailer and the official synopsis after the jump!


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Thank goodness for Funny or Die. The comedy website teamed up with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this year to create the funniest trailer we've seen for the Oscars as far back as we can remember.

While we aren't so sure Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox are actually the two people the Academy would turn to in a time of need, they certainly sell their roles here. It's their task to go find "The Host" -- aka Billy Crystal -- and convince him to host this year's Oscars. Along the way they get ordered around by William Fichtner, receive some clues from Vinnie Jones and get a ride in a barge from Robin Williams. Because why not.


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Billy CrystalFROM MTV MOVIES: Another day, another headline-making story surrounding the already-turbulent 2012 Oscars. This time, the story has a more safe and familiar ring to it: Billy Crystal has officially signed on to host the show.

Crystal spilled the beans via Twitter on Thursday afternoon (November 10).

"Am doing the Oscars so the young woman in the pharmacy will stop asking my name when I pick up my prescriptions," he wrote. "Looking forward to the show."

Following Crystal's tweet, the Academy released a statement confirming the hosting news. "Some of the best moments of my career have happened on the Oscar stage," Crystal said in the statement. "I am thrilled to be back there."

Read the full story at MTV Movies!

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Hunter S. Thompson fans rejoice: a new still from "The Rum Diary" featuring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has hit the web.

GK Films posted the photo on their Facebook page. It shows Depp as journalist Paul Kemp and Heard as Chenault, the object of his affections, having a conversation in Puerto Rico. "The Rum Diary" hits theaters in limited release on October 28.

Check out the rest of today's film news after the jump!


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Hugh JackmanWith two "Snow White" movies coming out that feature two increasingly appealing casts it's going to be really difficult to decide which is the fairest of them all.

Case in point: Hugh Jackman is being eyed for "Snow White and the Huntsman" (if you're keeping tabs, that's the one with Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron, not the "Brothers Grimm" one starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins.)

According to Deadline, Universal Pictures has made an offer to Jackman for the Huntsman in question. The part was once intended for Viggo Mortensen, but he has since dropped out. Plus, since Jackman looks like, as Liz Lemon would put it, "a damn Disney prince," this casting would be nothing short of inspired. But will the star actually sign on? As Deadline noted not only would the star get a hefty paycheck, but he's also pretty busy trying to find a replacement director for "The Wolverine."

After the jump check out the rest of today's most notable news from the movie world, including the MPAA pulling "The Hangover: Part II" trailer from theaters, "Tron Legacy 2" gets a green light, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" gets a director, "When Harry Met Sally" meets the undead for Funny Or Die, and Meg Ryan is set to make her directorial debut.


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Zach Galifianakis Muppets movieWhen MTV spoke to Zach Galifianakis at the "Due Date" premiere earlier this month, the funnyman wouldn't deny outright that he's going to be in James Bobin's new "Muppets" movie. And now a new report from The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog claims that Galifianakis is playing a hobo alongside a legion of other celebrity cameos in the upcoming "Muppets" flick.

We already knew that Amy Adams, Chris Cooper and Rashida Jones would be joining Jason Segel in significant roles. It looked like Jane Lynch might have a cameo, but she's since shot down those reports. Not to worry, a fresh new crop of celebs are joining Galifianakis in cameos.. Alan Arkin has been fingered as a tour guide, Jack Black will play a kidnapping victim, and Billy Crystal and Jean-Claude Van Damme are also showing up in unspecified cameos. Read More...

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While Ricky Gervais is busy working on his routine for hosting the Golden Globes, the folks orchestrating the Academy Awards are feverishly hunting for a host of their own.

Hugh Jackman, last year's master of ceremonies, has already turned down the gig, and now it appears that the dynamic duo of Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. have declined the opportunity to host in tandem as well. The obvious questions is, what is it about the Academy Awards that's putting these prospective hosts off? Does Oscar have something in his teeth?

Maybe it's a simple matter of not asking the right people, since Hollywood has no shortage of talented professionals that could do the award ceremony justice. If I were in charge of selecting a host, here are some of the folks that I'd consider. Read More...

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